StoryBoard Artist 7 Studio (Software Review)

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So you’re done writing your film. Congratulations! What’s next? Visualizing your film before you shoot by creating a storyboard. Storyboarding involves drawing still, comic book-like images of what you want your final scenes to look like. It is used as a guideline for smooth filming on set, and also as a template for the pre-production editing process.So what makes a good storyboard? Quick, clear and simple images. A good storyboard shows movement and expression and gives a clear sense of how shots should be composed.

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Shaping Tomorrow’s Creatives Today: LA Film School & SKEE TV Extend Partnership (Industry/Article)

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The Los Angeles Film School, located in the heart of Hollywood, has been serving the community and its students since 1999. One of such services that the School provides to its students and graduates is the opportunity to produce a real-life TV show which airs on TV stations all across North America. This opportunity is made possible through the school’s partnership with SKEE TV.

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Peace On Film: The Untold Stories of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates (Article)

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Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, an award-winning filmmaking series and youths from all over the world: these are some components that make up PeaceJam, a non-profit organization that captures the life story of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates on film. The organization also provides a means for these Nobel Peace Prize winners to teach young people the art of peace, and to date, over one million young adults from thirty-nine countries worldwide have participated in the year-long PeaceJam program.

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The Evolving Cinema Experience: Past, Present and Future (Article)

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The cinema experience is evolving and the data graphic below on The Cinematic Experience, which was produced by Vouchercloud, explains the innovative changes that have and are taking place. First, the state of cinemas is explained with spotlights on various countries and their cinema market. Then, technology is examined, from the past movie reel to digital tech, looking at how interactivity has dominated the movie scene. Social media and app engagement are then explored to understand how they can be leveraged in this space. Lastly, various types of cinema experiences are highlighted.

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