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Name: Microfilmmaker Magazine


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One Line Description: The online magazine which freely assists no-budget filmmakers and media creators make better content through reviews, techniques, and critiques.

Mission Statement: The goal of Microfilmmaker Magazine is to help no-budget film and media makers create farther reaching content and become better storytellers. We have a special focus on creators who are making media for $30,000 and below, as they are the ones who have the most to lose yet who have often been given the least help from the filmmaking and multimedia community in the past. The ways we help are by providing reviews of software and equipment these Microfilmmakers might be considering buying before they create their film/media, providing new and reprinted articles and how-to guides about the craft of no-budget filmmaking and storytelling for when they are producing their work, and by critiquing their pieces in the rough, semi-final, and final stages of post-production, so they can help one another. In addition, we use our social media community to encourage one another, provide advice, and discuss important issues facing the no-budget media community at large.

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Spotlight on Microfilmmaker Magazine – Publication: – 8/9/07

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