Redrawing Gender Boundaries: How Wonder Woman Could Change Female Directorial Opportunities (Editorial)

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Many of our readers know that I fight fiercely for the empowerment of women, not by diminishing men, but by arguing for the simple removal of artificial gender barriers like the glass ceiling and other cultural artifacts from the past. Without these barriers, the best person will (or at least, has a chance to) win out. While microbudget content creating can remove many of these barriers at our level, what happens when you move on to the next level, where more money is on the line?

The challenge is that, much like racism, gender bias is so built into our world that most of us don't realize it's there. (And it's not just men doing it; women often continue the gender bias inadvertently even when they are in positions to change things.)

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Origins of MicroFilmmaker Magazine: The Existential Case of the Virtual Kevin Project (Editorial/Article)

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For me to ever have created MicroFilmmaker Magazine in 2005, two key elements had to occur in my life. The first was that, in 2003, I make a narrative first film called Commissioned, which revolved around the world of commissioned computer sales, that broke all the cardinal rules of Indie filmmaking and suffered because of it. (The audio ended up being so bad that the film couldn’t be salvaged, even after a year of redubbing, due to the fact that two actors never returned to loop their work.)

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CrossMedia Snapshots: Storify – Archiving Your Story (Article/Editorial)

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Storify lets users pull content from major social media platforms into one cohesive story feed. Users retrieve Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, Youtube Videos and links to websites arranging them in a timeline or Storify Story. Dark Detour and Age of Turing are two projects using Storify to enhance their story experience.

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Indie Crossovers: Fantastic Four and the Fox/Trank’d Transition (Editorial)

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For many in the Indie world, filmmaker Josh Trank has been an inspiration. His character-driven reimagining of the superhero film using a "found-footage"-style made his debut film, Chronicle, a hit with most reviewers earning a super high 85% Rotten Tomatoes score. The film took a more Gothic/horror approach on super "heroes" by looking at teens being granted powers by an alien artifact and how power tends to corrupt, especially among the young.

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CrossMedia Snapshots: Conducttr – Audience Engagement Tool (Article/Editorial)

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When looking to develop an interactive project, there are many tools available to help manage and run the assets associated with your story. Conducttr is an audience engagement tool that can help you manage and deliver your content. I really like Conducttr as it can be used for a wide range of projects (educational, documentary, transmedia) and has a very low learning curve in terms of use (they provide a number of training options and tutorials to aid in using the system). When you visit the Conducttr site, they offer demos that feature the different ways content can be managed as well as Success Stories; projects that have used the management tools...

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