Straight Shooter Reviews (for Indie Film Watchers)

If you love Indie films, but have been burned by badly made films, then the MFM Straight Shooter review is for you!  At MicroFIlmmaker Magazine, we love Indie films and encourage filmmakers to make the best films possible. 

We also know that film watchers shouldn’t have to endure the films that choose to take the easy outs and make sub-standard films!  (Hey, many of us are filmmakers who’ve made a few bad choices in our early careers, which is why we also provide critiques for filmmakers so they get better at their craft!) As such, the Straight Shooter reviews let you see short, to-the-point reviews about what films you’ll want to spend your hard-earned money on and which ones you’ll want to pass by!

Current Turnaround: We are running 90-120 days turnaround on critiques and Straight Shooter reviews.

[Note: If you are an established indie filmmaker--meaning you've completed at least one feature or at least two short films outside the studio system--and you're interested in helping write critiques to help give back to the community, please contact us and let us know!] 

SPARKS (Straight Shooter Film Review)

Sparks Thumb

SPARKS is a comic book movie with a refreshingly dark twist. It starts not unlike a mash up of a lot of super hero movies: shortly after a meteor destroys most of Rochester, NY, young Ian Sparks (Chase Williamson) is orphaned by a violent crime, raised by a loving grandmother in a small town, and then moves to the big city to fight crime.

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Smoking & Masochism (Straight Shooter Film Review)

John finds himself unable to stop assuming he knows why Mimi started smoking.

John (Juan Amador) picks up Mimi (Angeline Prendergast) to take her to a porn film. Along the way, as Mimi puffs on an electronic cigarette, John makes wild assumptions about why she smokes, including that she wasn’t loved as a child, that she was beaten, and that she was raped. After pissing her off enough to threaten to beat him with an electronic cigarette, she realizes that he’s into S&M and starts to ask him the same sorts of questions about his addiction.

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Roundabout American (Straight Shooter Film Review)

Roundabout American Cover

However, when he meets a high priced call girl named Helen (Marielle de Rocca-Serra) he begins to look for reasons to stay in America awhile longer. And a new friend, Ron (Patrick Zielinski), helps him come up with just that reason: The Extra Topping, a pizza and prostitution combo platter.
The money from the venture seems to what can turn their lives around for the better, but when a dangerous party with a group of ruthless politicos goes south, Alex will have to decide what he’s willing to die for and who he wants to live for.

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