Shaping Tomorrow’s Creatives Today: LA Film School & SKEE TV Extend Partnership (Industry/Article)

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The Los Angeles Film School offers hands-on learning to students

The Los Angeles Film School offers hands-on learning to students

The Los Angeles Film School, located in the heart of Hollywood, has been serving the community and its students since 1999. One such service that the School provides to its students and graduates is the opportunity to produce a real-life TV show, by working with a weekly music series called SKEE TV, which airs on TV stations around North America.

DJ Skee Partners With The Los Angeles Film School For SKEE TV

DJ Skee Partners With The Los Angeles Film School For SKEE TV

The partnership between The Los Angeles Film School and SKEE TV focuses on hiring the film school graduates to work on the production of each SKEE TV episode. The graduates gain real-world experience, while SKEE TV gains access to the newly renovated Ivar Theatre, located at the school, for its musical performances. This partnership, between the Los Angeles Film School and DJ SKEE, aims to support and empower the next generation of creatives.

SKEE TV’s host and curator, Scott Keeney (who goes by the professional name, DJ SKEE), is an award-winning DJ, producer, digital media pioneer, entrepreneur and an influential figure in the entertainment industry today. The entertainment series, SKEE TV, which operates at the intersection of music, sports, fashion, tech and style, offers audiences opinions about the trends and trendsetters of tomorrow. The show is separated into two portions – musical performances and guest interviews – all of which take place on The Los Angeles Film School campus.

Founded earlier this year, this partnership came into being through a series of unusual events. Keeney, who had just completed a two-year television series called SKEE Live and was newly signed onto the Fuse Network, was about to launch a one-hour original series called SKEE TV, focusing on music, sports and culture. The show required having both a live venue for the artists to perform in as well as a TV production studio to shoot accompanying interviews. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Film School had an available space in the Ivar Theatre. Via a series of mutual connections, both parties got connected and the partnership was born.

SKEE TV at The Los Angeles Film School

SKEE TV at The Los Angeles Film School

Part of the appeal of this partnership to the LA Film School is DJ SKEE’s business portfolio, which has the potential to bring extra opportunities, experiences, hands-on learning, and job training to the school’s students and graduates. There is also the opportunity for workshops and training to be held onsite at the school, further preparing graduates for potential employment in the real world.

Charauhd Flowers, one student who participated in the program, had this to say about her experience in the program:

“I never imagined I’d be working on the SKEE TV show. I’m glad I got the opportunity to experience what working on live shows [is like], especially seeing artists that come from California – like me – such as Snoop Dogg and Ty Dolla $ign. As a recent graduate, having the opportunity to mix the artist’s vocals during the live performance was the perfect opportunity.”

The Los Angeles Film School is currently renovating space on campus to house a DASH Radio control room. Once this is completed, students will have the opportunity to apply for internships with both DASH Radio and SKEE TV.

SKEE TV airs Fridays at 8 p.m. PST on Fuse.

To watch live musical performances from the show, visit

About Fuse.TV

Fuse.TV is currently available in more than 72 million households in the United States. To determine what channel your cable network hosts Fuse, click here. To watch all-new episodes of SKEE TV, click here.

About The Los Angeles Film School

An accredited, VA-approved institution, The Los Angeles Film School offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Digital Filmmaking, Film Production, Entertainment Business, Animation & VFX and Game Production & Design, and Associate of Science degrees in Music Production, Recording Arts and Film.

To learn more about The Los Angeles Film and Recording Schools, reach out to the admissions team at (877) 952-3456 or [email protected].

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