The Force Is Strong With This One: First Time Writer/Director, Jamie Buckner, Tells What He Learned From The Masters (Article/Interview)

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Jamie Buckner, writer/director of Split, set to be released through Gravitas Ventures on August 2 digitally on iTunes, Amazon, and VUDU, has had the opportunity to work with a film fan’s wet dream of who’s who in Hollywood, from Stephen Spielberg (The BFG, Bridge of Spies) and Martin Scorsese (The Wolf of Wall Street, Hugo) to Cameron Crowe (Roadies, Aloha) and Nora Ephron (Julie & Juila, You've Got Mail). Jamie answers a few questions about lessons learned from these titans of the silver screen and how he applied them to making his first feature.

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Overcoming Creative Block: Lessons Learned through “The Debt” (Article/Retrospective)

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Filmmaking is a storytelling process. But what do you do when you can’t find the right story to tell? Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting out there and letting the story come to you. As a filmmaker, there’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you don’t have a story to tell. When I was a kid, this wasn't a problem. Back then, I made movies for the pure joy of it. I wasn't thinking ahead to the third act. The stories just happened, one moment after another.

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Filmstigator and ‘Gift’: The Vision of Michael Curtis, Pt. 2 (Article)

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Michael Curtis had been a successful and award-winning post production editor before launching into full film productions for a broad range of clients through his company EditLab. Several years ago he formed a film collaborative, Filmstigator, to draw together fellow creatives and produce independent films.

“After years of working as a television editor and producer,” Curtis explains, “I yearned to branch out and start creating the kinds of personal films I’d never had a chance to make before—the kinds of films that had originally drawn me to the industry. I wondered if there were others out there like me, and I began actively looking for them.”

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