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Indie Scripts for Micro-Budget Films

We at Microfilmmaker have approached a number of talented screenwriters to get them to offer their talents to micro-budget filmmakers. By finding screenwriters who are interested in working with low- and no-budget filmmakers, we help remove some of the legwork for some of you filmmakers that would like to make a film of a script you didn't have to write.  We give you the ability to peruse script loglines and synopses just like more famous directors, but without having to wait to become famous to do it!

Provided you contact them ahead of time, each of these screenwriters is willing to allow you to make a movie or short based on their script on a pure deferrment basis. Because so much of a film is based on the script, it's only fair that they make a greater percentage of a potential profit than someone who simply contributes a song, for example.

As such, the agreed upon contract with these screenwriters states that if your film is bought for a profit, they would earn 8% of the profit of the initial purchase, up to $100,000. (That's less than California state sales tax!) If there are royalties after the initial purchase, they would be entitled to 2% of those. If you do not sell the film for a profit, you can sell your film on your site without owing them a penny (until you have sold enough to make a profit, of course).

With said, take a look at some of the scripts we've assembled already.  More will be arriving shortly, so, if you don't find the right fit now, be sure and check back regularly.

Download the pre-agreed Scriptwriter contract here. (Customize in Word)
Michael Faunce-Brown
Title: The Christmas Present
Logline: Engaging Sam tries to provide for his dysfunctional family, save for his blind sister's eye operation and ward off crooks, who desire his computer skills.
Download Synopsis: Click Here
Title: Slave Children
Logline: Ruthless slave trader versus tough mercenary. Failure leads to life in captivity or Death.
Download Synopsis: Click Here
Title: Getting Stuffed
Logline: A bored taxidermist turns to humans.
Download Synopsis: Click Here
William Giesselmann
Title: Buns of Steel (New)
Logline: Call girl/stripper enrolls in a journalism class but gets arrested when a mob boss client is shot in her room and cops think she is the killer
until the girl nails the real murderer.
Download Synopsis: Click Here
David J. Greenberg
Title: Incorporated
Logline: A dark comedy, "Office Space" meets "The Firm", about a new college graduate whose dream job at a huge corporation quickly becomes a nightmare when he literally, then figuratively loses his identity due to a mysterious computer "glitch."
Download Synopsis: Click Here
Title: Morgan, Michael, Vanessa & Max
Logline: An urbane ensemble romantic comedy drama --"High Fidelity" meets "Reality Bites"--- about a year in the life of a group of aspiring writers, filmmakers and musicians; sisters, boyfriends and old friends find creative and emotional fortunes change in the least expected ways.
Download Synopsis: Click Here

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