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Affiliated Sites
  Fresh DV - An online resource for filmmakers including video articles, reviews, news, and podcast feeds.
  Indie Flavor - A website devoted to networking and job placement in the true Indie community.
  ToolFarm - An online resource for post production training, tips, reviews, and plugin purchasing.
  Visionary Comics - The Independent comics company that offers great new comics to microfilmmakers who wish to convert them to film. Read our full article on them from our April Issue.
Filmmaking & Resource Sites - Worldwide film schools directory.
  Beale Corner Productions - John Beale's site on cameras & DIY Projects.
  Blue Sky-Web - Walter Graff's journalistic videography site.
  BudgetFilmMaker - UK-based Low-Budget filmmaking resources.
  Chuck Skinner - Chuck Skinner's 3D Design Website.
  Coffee Films - UK film company focusing on no budget film development and production.
  effectsportal - effectsportal provides visual and special effects video tutorials, all of which can be made on a low-budget.
  Filmmaking Stuff - Filmmaking Stuff provides resources for filmmakers, including articles on independent film finance, screenwriting, production, movie marketing and film distribution, as well as interviews with Hollywood producers, movie directors, screenwriters and other filmmakers.
  FilmLot, The - an online magazine and resource site for new and independent filmmakers.
  Herron Designs - Special effects page from Craig Herron.
  Image Icon Entertainment - a site that covers new trends in the Indie world.
  Indy Mogul - An online filmmaking magazine which features lots of how-to podcasts and tutorials
  Janet Ault - Female Voice Over Artist who is interested in helping on films and commercials.
  JetDV - Great site for Sony Vegas tips & Tricks.
  Joren Clark - DIY plans for film and filmmaking.
  Murder Media - Videography & Film Producing Company.
  Ruin Audio - Audio recording site with hidden film content.
  Scott Spears - Scott Spears site on lighting and camerawork.
  Sonnyboo Productions - Peter John Ross' website for short filmmaking.
  Student Filmmakers - A site for student filmmakers and those
  interested in high-budget Indie films.
  TakeZer0 - The online film studio that hosts a free online film school.
  Tell Me About Your Movie - A site where DIY filmmakers tell anecdotes about making their feature
films, without regard to fashion, fame, or fortune.
  TestSeek - A constantly growing collection of links to reviews and other unbiased tests done by a number of magazines (including MFM) and sites for cameras, software, and equipment often needed by filmmakers.
  Toolfarm - A great site for After Effects tips and training, in addition to a store for purchasing plugins.
  United Nuclear - Chemical sales and chemistry DIY Special FX.
  Video Production Magazine - Camcorder reviews, articles and information on consumer video production. Empowering people to make video that inspires, encourages and equips for success.
  WideOpenWest - Training in color correction for Vegas articles.
Services & Equipment Sites  
Disc Makers
- The US company that offers excellent services for self-distribution as well as having a number of helpful and useful links for low-budget filmmakers. (They are also offering special materials to Microfilmmaker Members.)
Disc Wizards CD Duplication
- The UK company that specialises in CD Duplication, DVD Duplication, CD replication, DVD replication, all with a UK low price guarantee. Visit the site now for full products, packages and prices and use the online quotation facility for an instant quote.
Duplication Station
- UK based firm providing CD and DVD duplication along with CD and DVD printing to bands, designers, filmmakers, photographers, and recording studios. (And check out their great discount for MFM readers in the Discounts Section.)
- Post production color treatment company that makes DV look like Film.  They currently offer a discount to microfilmmakers.  (Click here for specifics)
Hollywood North
- Hollywood North helps actors, models, casting directors and talent agents communicate more efficiently with each other. Actors and models have the ability to create personal portfolios which include photographs for the talent industry to access.
HungryFlix Online Distribution
- is the internet's leading distributor of premium independent films specifically formatted for today's popular digital devices.
Indie Maverick
- The revolutionary new website bringing the finances of the world community to filmmakers. Upload your film for your chance to make the next big indie hit!
Matthews Studio Equipment
- Studio equipment manufacturers for grip and lighting equipment
Media Plant CD/DVD Duplication
- Based out of the UK, Media plant are specialists in the field of CD and DVD duplication and have a wealth of experience in serving clients from a wide range of industries.
Oakwood Sound Design
- Post audio house that offers discounts to microfilmmakers.  (Click here for specifics)
Redrock Micro
- The manufacturers of some of the most ground-breaking low-budget 35mm adapters on the market.  These adapters allow the use of SLR lenses to get the same depth of field available by shooting in actual film.  In addition to fully built kits, they also sell a very economical how-to guide for ultra low-budget filmmakers to help them build their own kit from hardware store parts.
- One of the largest and best organized emporiums to purchase 3D models and textures for the most popular 3D rendering packages, from Poser to Vue to Maya to 3D Studio Max.
Runtime DNA
- One of the creative partners for E-frontier (the maker of Poser and Shader), Runtime DNA has a large selection of high-quality sellers distributing characters, enhancements, clothing, and textures for Poser.
- A training depot primarily for Sony Vegas, includes a lot of training for free.
Video Production Ottawa
- Ottawa-based HD video production studio specializing in helping low-budget filmmakers reach their creative goals. We are Apple Certified Pro. For film help north of the border, try Video Production Ottawa.

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