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Filmmakers Interested in Getting More Publicity for Their Films:
Our policy is that we must first critique any new films before we do additional publicity or interviews.  (The only exception to this is for filmmakers who have a history of high quality work which we have personally been exposed to, almost always through previous critiques.)  This is because we are encouraging people to do the highest quality work they can and we can’t personally attest to that through coverage if we haven’t done one of our full critiques first.  While there is a small charge (comparable to a film festival submission) for these services, since they usually take our filmmaker critics 10-20 hours to complete, they give you excellent insight on the piece and you get additional publicity through the publishing of the critique. 

If you wish to submit your film, simply go to our Film Submission Page.

You can also post information about your upcoming film at our Facebook page.

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