Make Your Movie: NewFilmmakers Los Angeles To Host Annual “On Location” Event (Event/Article)

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NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) will be hosting its annual On Location event on Saturday, October 10, 2015, at the Hollywood Center Studios and will be hosted by comedian Guy Branum (Chelsea Lately, Totally Biased). The project –presented in partnership with a host of sponsors such as MovieMaker Magazine, the New York Film Academy, Starbreeze Studios and Hollywood Center Studios-- presents a series of one-to-five-minute-long short films aimed at showcasing the city of Los Angeles through the eyes of each filmmaker.

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Digging Into YouTube: How Analytics Can Help Uncover Your Audience (Article/Tips)

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Earlier this year, I launched a YouTube channel that I host. As someone who always saw herself as a “behind the scenes” person, the idea of hosting a channel was the farthest thing from my mind. However, as no one else would step up to host the channel I conceived, I was forced to go through the labor which began with outright refusal to film myself, followed by a great deal of reluctance at the thought of filming myself and finally resignation to the idea of filming myself.

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The Art of Asking (Book Review)

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Following the success of her TED talk (shown below), which in turn was inspired by her successful $1.2 million kickstarter campaign for her then-upcoming album, Palmer was asked to write a book. Palmer’s book, The Art of Asking, is a story about how a street performer and musician is able to create meaningful connections directly with her audience by being open to that connection, and by not being afraid to ask for that connection. As the name implies, the book is about the art of asking and how we all can use a lesson in being able to ask for help if we’re going to be successful at our art. It meditates on both the difficulty and the necessity of asking for help and shows us how Palmer uses twenty-first century tools to make a living as an artist which doesn't involve marketing ploys but focuses on building your own community, gathering your own tribe and letting them help you. This is one artist’s life laid bare as an example of the risks and rewards that come with the vulnerable act of asking.

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Channeling the Nile: Lessons Learned Digging An Original Media Distribution Stream (Article)

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For far too long, African stories have been two-dimensionally portrayed by those who understood only part of what Africa is. Today, however, there are emerging and seasoned filmmakers whose works reflect the true history, stories and hopes of Africa. These filmmakers, who have largely gone unseen and unheard, have stories they’re aching to tell; stories that reflect their passion and their...

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