This is Meg: Capturing the Realities of Hollywood “Success” with Black Magic (Retrospective/Case Study)

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Wrangling the monster that is the Hollywood movie industry is no small feat. Professional filmmaker Alex Ferrari has encountered his fair share of production headaches, from last-minute project cancellations to the notion that a successful film requires a massive budget and huge stars. With today’s technology on his side, Ferrari began planning for an entirely different kind of project.

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New VEGAS Pro 15 available now – Providing filmmakers the ultimate work-space customization.

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The new version of VEGAS Pro provides the ultimate flexible production environment with a modern look, innovative functionality, powerful plug-ins, and more.

  • Vegas_suite_rgb
    New Advance Color Workflow
    Use the ACES 1.0 Academy Color Encoding System to take advantage of the modern color science and expanded color spaces of modern video camerasvegas-pro-15-was-ist-neu-Hardware-int
    Improved real-time preview performance and render times
    Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV) support and modern graphics card supportvegas-pro-15-was-ist-neu-picture-in-picture-int
    Picture-in-Picture OFX plug-in
    The new Picture-in-Picture plug-in gives you real-time controls on the Video Preview window
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The all female team of 4 Pies Productions, is proud to announce the launch of its’ first Independent Feature Film, CALM BEFORE. A Gillian Flynn-style psychological thriller set in an old Virginia inn. Targeted for 
theatrical, streaming, and US TV markets, Calm Before features strong but flawed characters battling one another in the midst of deteriorating mental health needs. The theme of losing oneself to the roles of marriage, autonomy, and monogamy are showcased with suspense, in a film featuring a multi-cultural cast with elements designed to appeal to the overseas movie market, as well.

  • 4PP logo
    4PP logo
    LogoDarby Camp
    Darby Camp
    Young Star of HBO's "Big Little Lies"
    Young Gia
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The Sport Cam Revolution: GoPros, Clones & iPhones (Article/Shootout)

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Last year, with the release of the film, Hardcore Henry (which was shot entirely with GoPro cameras in first person perspective), we decided that we were going to look at the different cost-effective sport and mobile cams on the market to see which ones were worth investing in for our readers. The gold standard in this market has been GoPro, who kindly provided us with one of their HERO4 Black cameras for this extended research article...

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