Life On Set (Straight Shooter Pilot Review)

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What really goes on behind the scenes of a film set- that extravagant, well-oiled machine where the greatest of blockbusters are produced? According to Russell Robertson’s web series, Life on Set- you’ll find a whole lot of absurdity, plenty of comedy, and very little work getting done.

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Slim (Feature Critique)

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Slim (Michael Arell) is an overweight archaeologist who doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in his life… That is, until his boss sends him on a mission to find the mythical Golden Dustpan.  While Slim gets himself into far more trouble than he expected on his quest, he ends up learning about himself and who he wants to be in the world.

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Smile Again, Jenny Lee (Straight Shooter Review)

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In 2013, Carlo Caldana released an independent novel called, Smile Again, Jenny Lee, about a world renowned tennis player with a personality like Tonya Harding, who got her leg messed up like Nancy Kerrigan. (Only in this tale, she actually was knocked out of her sport for good.)

Two years later, in a feat of moxy that’s truly impressive, Carlo Caldana translated his novel into a script, directed the film, and cast himself as the colead alongside Monique Hafen who played the titular Jenny Lee.

The tale of the film revolves around Jenny’s attempt to find her place in the world after losing her spot in tennis. Low on funds and about to be cut off by her wealthy mother (Linda DeMetrick), she agrees to help a lawyer named Charles Landale (Carlo Caldana) track down her absentee father, hoping that he will float her some cash. However, when the mystery of her father’s disappearance grows more ominous, she and Landale will have to keep their wits about them to unravel the mystery.

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5M: A Silent Film That Screams (Straight Shooter Film Review)

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When he’s in danger of losing his business in the recession, Dave (Deepak Ravella) comes up with a dangerous criminal scheme with his partner Sonny (Sonny Chatrath) and his wife Amy (Ami Sheth) to gain $5 million through cheating the insurance company. But when things go off the rails, they plunge toward the depths of murder and betrayal.

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5M – A Silent Film That Screams (Short Critique)

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Dave Shaw (Deepak Ravella) and his wife, Amy (Ami Sheth), live the high life, despite Dave’s addiction to gambling and narcotics. Dave is recovering from a drunken gambling spree the night before when his business partner Sonny (Sonny Chatrath) comes to their house. He explains to Amy that the business is going under and that their building is being foreclosed on.

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The Visit (Special Critique)

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When two children, Becca (Olivia DeJonge) and Tyler (Ed Oxenbould), visit their grandparents (Deanna Dunagan, Peter McRobbie) for the very first time, it seems like a great chance to connect and have fun with long-lost Nana and Pop Pop. But before long, the children discover that their grandparents act more than a little strange after 9:30pm. What happens when this cheerful visit turns terrifying?

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