Life On Set (Straight Shooter Pilot Review)

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What really goes on behind the scenes of a film set- that extravagant, well-oiled machine where the greatest of blockbusters are produced? According to Russell Robertson’s web series, Life on Set- you’ll find a whole lot of absurdity, plenty of comedy, and very little work getting done.

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Unaccountable (Straight Shooter Review)

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In the 1950s, the Salton Sea- created by flood overflow from the Colorado River decades earlier- was an oasis in the middle of the Southern California desert. The large inland body of water became a tourist destination, a place where families would enjoy the cool, clean water and sunshine. However, a lack of outflow caused a slow rise in salinity of the water- proving deadly to the fish and birds there. This, combined with polluted runoff from nearby farms, made the once idyllic Salton Sea barren and desolate, incapable of supporting life. “Unaccountable”, the latest documentary by director Stacey Stone, takes a reflective, melancholy look at both of these periods in the Salton Sea’s history.

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Betty Williams: Contagious Courage (Straight Shooter Review)

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Chaos filled the streets of Northern Ireland in the 1970s. Shootings, car bombings, and civilian death became the norm for citizens living through a time known as “The Troubles”. The strife stemmed from fierce disagreement, both political and religious, between the Protestants and Catholics. No one was safe from this violence. But for Betty Williams, the firsthand experience of living through violence served as a call to action. She made it her life’s mission to spread peace and protect children in the face of unrest- both in her turbulent home nation and around the globe.

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Glossary of Broken Dreams (Straight Shooter Review)

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Johannes Grenzfurthner has grown tired of ignorance in political discourse. Armed with cameras, animation, a two-piece acoustic band, and a very unique sense of humor, he hopes to educate the rest of us on some key topics of political discourse, like “Capitalism”, “Freedom”, “Privacy”, “Identity”, “Resistance”, and “The Market”. The result: A kinda-sorta-documentary called Glossary of Broken Dreams.

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Forever Under Siege (Straight Shooter Review)

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Imagine coming home from war, but finding yourself unable to escape the terror and panic you felt on the battlefield. Feeling trapped, searching for exits whenever you walk into a coffee shop. Forcing yourself into seclusion, unable to go outdoors. And not having the words or the trust to describe your pain to others. In fact, many veterans of the Armed Forces struggle with these demons as a result of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In the documentary Forever Under Siege, filmmaker Stacy Stone talks to some of these veterans in order to shine a light on the enormity of PTSD, and to examine potential for healing.

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