Filmstigator and ‘Gift’: The Vision of Michael Curtis, Pt. 2 (Article)

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Michael Curtis had been a successful and award-winning post production editor before launching into full film productions for a broad range of clients through his company EditLab. Several years ago he formed a film collaborative, Filmstigator, to draw together fellow creatives and produce independent films.

“After years of working as a television editor and producer,” Curtis explains, “I yearned to branch out and start creating the kinds of personal films I’d never had a chance to make before—the kinds of films that had originally drawn me to the industry. I wondered if there were others out there like me, and I began actively looking for them.”

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From Freelance Editor to Indie Filmmaker: The Vision of Michael Curtis, Pt. 1 (Article)

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While attending the Orlando Film Festival in October of last year, I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Michael Curtis. He was there for the showing of his first film short, "Gift." Like many independent filmmakers, he has spent many years doing commercial film projects for clients but finally wanted to create something entirely his own. In this article I will cover Curtis’ entry into the commercial film production world and some of the projects he has worked on. In a second article, I will discuss how Curtis brought all that experience to his first independent film project and the creative process to make "Gift" a reality.

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The 2014 Orlando Film Festival: Highlights and Drama Shorts (Article/Festival)

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The 9th Annual Orlando Film Festival wrapped up its run in downtown Orlando from October 22 through the 26th. Over 200 feature length films and shorts were showed, culled from over 1000 films submitted to festival organizers. The venue was the Cobb Plaza Cinema in downtown. Theatric releases continued to run in theaters 1 through 6, while festival films were shown in theaters 7 through 12.

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To Turn Back Time: The Making of Neil Oseman’s Stop/Eject (Article)

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A New Year’s resolution in 2011 to create a new film plot every day led Neil Oseman to the inspiration for Stop/Eject. One script idea involved a tape recorder that could turn back time. Oseman partnered with Tommy Draper and together they produced a twenty page script. The story involves a young couple who visit a charity shop in the town of Belper in Derbyshire, England. The husband goes out...

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The Spielberg of Hereford: Neil Oseman spans the Gamut from Micro to Feature Films (Article)

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Neil Oseman knew at an early age he would become a director and filmmaker. He attended Chase High School and Sixth Form Malvern College in England. At fifteen, he directed his first feature film, and his first paid directing job at nineteen. On one of the jobs he worked, he was told by a cameraman to forget about studying film at university and instead learn his craft hands-on and to network...

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