Crowdfunding and Conventions: GenCon Examples (Article)

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How will I fund my next project? A question many filmmakers can not immediately answer when gearing up for a project. GenCon, a convention geared towards gaming, has seen a large increase in audience over the last few years. As convention audiences grow, more content creators begin to bring their films and the visibility of crowdfunding sites and projects increases.

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Max Adventure Animated Series: Grab a Chance to Be a Part of the Most Exciting Project in Educational Animation! (Crowdfunding/Press Release)

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From independent filmmaker Phillip Fitzlaff comes an exciting new animated series, Max Adventure, that will offer first rate entertainment to children and teens. Max Adventure will offer top quality animation while also incorporating important messages like social acceptance, anger management, coping skills and friendship building. Distributed by Ostrow and Company of Beverly Hills, Max Adventure

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Max Adventure: Edutainment Makes a Comeback (Press Release)

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When an overly glorified delivery man (Max) is thrust through a black hole, his ship crash lands on the strange planet of Nemisia. He quickly finds himself caught in a war between the Nemisian Army and the Goranian Resistance, and the subject of interest by both! In the vein of the cartoons of the 1980's such as He-Man, Fat Albert, and G.I. Joe, Max Adventure is a Sci-Fi adventure that strives...

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Around the World in 80 HOURS?? Kickstarter turns Jules Verne on his Head (Press Release)

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Here is a production from one of our microfilmmakers that combines filmmaking, literature, adventure and technology into what promises to be an exciting short documentary. Andy Yardy is a passionate filmmaker that has built a career on telling stories in some of most unlikely places around the world. This film sets out to see if it is possible to make it around the world in just 80 hours using commercial travel. On paper it looks possible but really if you have ever been stuck in an airport waiting...

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Vanity and Art: Creating Art From Selfish Desires (Article/Crowdfunding)

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Anyone who has gone to film school would immediately see my quest as folly and be able to list dozens of reasons why a one character film was a poor cinematic choice. What's great is that I never went to film school. What's even greater is that once I decided on a one character film, I thought “what if I make a one location film?” “What if it was an entire film that was one setup, a single shot with multiple angles?” “How, by narrowing a story to its simplest could I explore greater creativity?” This is also the point where I crossed feature-length off the list. This idea of painting yourself into a box...

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Padcaster Mini Kickstarter: Help Get The Tools You Want! (Press Release)

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Filmmakers want a chance to help make their favorite tools a reality! Well, the creators of the Padcaster, a revolutionary iPad case that transforms the tablet into an on-the-go production studio, plan to bring the versatile filmmaking accessory to the iPad mini. Since its official launch just over a year ago, the Padcaster has been named one of “12 unusual gadgets that you’ll love” by CNET, among many other accolades. With the help of dedicated backers, the forces behind the Padcaster hope to create yet another gadget you’ll love – the Padcaster Mini. Employing the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter...

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