Vanity and Art: Creating Art From Selfish Desires (Article/Crowdfunding)

Posted by on Oct 8, 2013 in Articles, Behind-the-Scenes, Crowd Funding Campaigns, Featured, MicroFilmmaking, News, Press Releases, Retrospectives | 0 comments

Anyone who has gone to film school would immediately see my quest as folly and be able to list dozens of reasons why a one character film was a poor cinematic choice. What's great is that I never went to film school. What's even greater is that once I decided on a one character film, I thought “what if I make a one location film?” “What if it was an entire film that was one setup, a single shot with multiple angles?” “How, by narrowing a story to its simplest could I explore greater creativity?” This is also the point where I crossed feature-length off the list. This idea of painting yourself into a box...

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