Revoice Pro 3 (Software Review)

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Revoice Pro 3 - Microfilmmaker Magazine

Publisher: Synchro Arts
Platforms: PC & Mac
Description: Audio editing software
MSRP: $599 New, $180 Upgrade
Expected Release: Available Now
Official Website:
Demo: Click Here
Review Issue: Issue #119 (01/16)
Review By: Gabe Gibitz
Final Score: 8.8

Revoice Pro 3 (RVP3) builds on the underlying technology of the company’s popular VocAlign software, a vocal editing tool that made its debut in 1995. RVP3 has many uses but shines in actions such as adjustment and alignment of dialog, voice-overs, ADR ( “automated dialog replacement” – re-recording dialogue by the original actor after filming to improve audio quality), sung vocals, instruments, and generating double tracks for vocals.

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    Guerrilla Film Scoring (Book Review)

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    Author: Jeremy Borum
    Topic: Film Composition
    Rowman & Littlefield
    Available Formats:
    Paperback, Hardback, eBook
    Page Count: 270 Pp.
    Expected Release: Available Now
    Official Website: Click Here
    Sample Chapter:
    Special Discount:
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    Critique Issue: Issue #111 (06/15)

    Critiqued By:
    Gabe Gibitz
    Final Score:

    Scoring music for film is quite an overwhelming task, and Jeremy Borum sets out in his new book, Guerrilla Film Scoring, to demystify the process and help budding film composers navigate the tumultuous waters of the ever-changing film scoring business. (Some may see the waters as tumultuous, but I think Borum would see this as an open door for massive change in the industry…and, to that, I would agree.) His introduction sets up the framework of the entire book in saying, “Although a study of the Hollywood machine is interesting, it’s ultimately not very useful” (xi). The rules that applied 20 years ago are a frail, dying structure upon which to build a film career. Though Hollywood budgets still exist, the average film composer will find much more work in micro-budget films. read more

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    RX3 (Software Review)

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    The winner of an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development, RX3 operates on both Windows and Mac platforms and is compatible with all major audio and video programs (Pro Tools, GarageBand, Logic, Final Cut Pro and Premiere – just to name a few). Users can choose from a myriad of repair tools within the plug-in like Declip, Declick, Remove Hum, and Denoise. In addition...

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    Trash 2 (Review)

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    Nearly 10 years ago, iZotope released a product called Trash, an audio plugin that gave users a wide array of tools to distort and mangle audio. It has been heavily used by bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Garbage, and Sigur Ros and has served the music and film industry well over the years. Just a few months ago, iZotope released the rebirth of this classic plugin now called Trash 2, and it’s better than ever. Whether you are a sound designer mangling sound effects or a filmmaker looking to add some grit to some background music in your next short film, Trash 2 has an application for everyone in the music and film industry.

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    Alloy 2 (Review)

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    Alloy 2 gives filmmakers and sound designers seven stellar tools to shape and form audio, arguably one of the most important and yet most ignored parts of a film. Assuming a basic knowledge of mixing, users will love Alloy's user-friendly interface, wallet-friendly price tag and reliable performance. If you take Alloy 2 for a test run, be sure to pair it with a trial of Ozone 5 and let these products speak for themselves.

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