Life On Set (Straight Shooter Pilot Review)

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What really goes on behind the scenes of a film set- that extravagant, well-oiled machine where the greatest of blockbusters are produced? According to Russell Robertson’s web series, Life on Set- you’ll find a whole lot of absurdity, plenty of comedy, and very little work getting done.

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5M: A Silent Film That Screams (Straight Shooter Film Review)

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When he’s in danger of losing his business in the recession, Dave (Deepak Ravella) comes up with a dangerous criminal scheme with his partner Sonny (Sonny Chatrath) and his wife Amy (Ami Sheth) to gain $5 million through cheating the insurance company. But when things go off the rails, they plunge toward the depths of murder and betrayal.

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5M – A Silent Film That Screams (Short Critique)

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Dave Shaw (Deepak Ravella) and his wife, Amy (Ami Sheth), live the high life, despite Dave’s addiction to gambling and narcotics. Dave is recovering from a drunken gambling spree the night before when his business partner Sonny (Sonny Chatrath) comes to their house. He explains to Amy that the business is going under and that their building is being foreclosed on.

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Precaution (Short Critique)

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Precaution Cover

Director: Manuel Crosby
Expected Rating: PG
Distribution: Self-Distributed
Budget: $175
Genre: Suspense-Thriller
Release Date: February 6, 2015
Official Website: Click Here
Trailer: Click Here
Online Version: Click Here
Running Time: 18 minutes, 3 seconds
Critique Issue: #110 (05/15)
Critiqued By: Jeremy T. Hanke
Final Score: 9.2 (out of 10)

Long time readers of MFM will quickly recognize Manuel Crosby as the director who made Broadcast, a surreal survival-thriller a couple years back. With “Precaution,” he’s back with another thriller, but this one in a modern urban setting.

Henry (Dave Reimer) is an unemployed architect with a very pregnant wife, Shelley (Amy Lynn). Unable to find a job, he becomes obsessed with a criminal who’s broken into a nearby house and killed the owner. To try to protect his family, he decides to take precautions. But will he be able to anticipate the events those precautions will set into motion?

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Oculus: The Man with the Plan (Flashback Critique)

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With the amazing new Oculus feature film about to come out on April 11th, it seemed appropriate for us to showcase the flashback critique that began the film franchise back from 2006. Some slight changes have been made to transform it for the current database system, and the links for getting new information on this film have all been updated. As a bonus, at the end, we'll include the bonus extended trailer for the 2014 film!

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