Step Out of The Background: Reallusion Announces 2016 3D Character Design Contest (Contest Announcement)

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Reallusion and Polycount announce the 2016 Game Character Design Contest aimed at all 3D artists, animators and game developers. Participants can enter any animatable, humanoid character to compete against some of the best artists within the 3D animation community. Prizes include the chance to win a share of $4,000 cash along with great 3D hardware, software and content prizes. Leading industry sponsors include PolyCount, Allegorithmic, ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, Marmoset, HTC Vive and Noitom motion capture.

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Nu-Media Breakthrough: Pokemon Go Filmmaking Challenge (Editorial/Contest)

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Pokemon GO Players in central park. (Photo courtesy of Eli Blumenthal/USA TODAY )

Pokemon GO Players in central park. (Photo courtesy of Eli Blumenthal/USA TODAY )

As MicroFilmmaker explores new media and content creation as it happens, we would be remiss to not shine the light on the Pokemon GO phenomenon, which is taking over the world.

The potential for geocaching storytelling that we’ve been talking about for years may begin to be unleashed for other creatives in the wake of this!

And regardless of how long it lasts, hopefully some of our readers are already grabbing footage and developing a documentary about the Pokeman GO phenomenon.

In fact, we’d like to challenge you to create 5 minute short films on how Pokemon GO is effecting members of your local community–wherever you’re from!

To get you started, here’s a 2 1/2 minute BTS short from the folks at Schmoes Know and!

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Calling All Artists: Showcase Your Work in Autodesk’s 2012 Animation Show Reel (Announcement)

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Every year, the art of animation takes center stage at SIGGRAPH. Autodesk is inviting all 3D artists to submit their work for a chance to be included in this year's Animation Show Reel, which will be showcased at Autodesk's SIGGRAPH booth in Los Angeles, CA from August 7-9. The show reel will also be featured on the Autodesk YouTube Channel, the AREA community and the Autodesk website.

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Panasonic Opens Doors For Voting on “Shoot It. Share It.” Video Contest

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Beginning today and running through Wednesday, April 4, online voting to choose the top prize winners of Panasonic s ‘Shoot It. Share It’ video contest is open to the public at All contest submissions were shot with a Panasonic AG-AF100 Large Imager HD Cinema Camcorder.

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The Corel MotionStudio 3D “Logos of Depleted” Contest

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the good folks at Corel are happy to help you get into the action of the World of Depleted with their new software package, Motion Studio 3D! (Be sure to read Matt Terry's 8.8/10 review in this issue!) Motion Studio 3D makes creating 3D logos and icons a breeze, so you'll be able to use the demo of the program to make your own logos for some of the new factions in World of Depleted. The best submissions will be included in the World of Depleted as official content and the grand prize winner will receive over $1000 in cutting edge Corel software for art, video, and 3D animation!

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