Roving Telescopes: The Making of the Movie Dead Weight (User Article)

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His big Desert Storm Humvee is loaded to the nines with every kind of computerized gadget, tracking device, telescope, radar, scanner, viral map, night vision camera, satellite radio, and electronic gizmo ever invented. The tires look like they belong on a tanker truck. I’m sure there’s a few guns in there too, maybe the same ones we encountered yesterday. A SWAT command mobile unit wouldn’t be as loaded. “Wow!” I say as he invites me to look inside.

-Hey, so Actor-Man here tells me you guys are shooting a movie, huh? -Yeah. And you are…? -Robert, nice to meet you. We’ve been watching you. -We? Who’s we? -All us neighbors. Through our telescopes. We live in that sub-division way down there. -You have telescopes at home too? -Sure, we all have telescopes. At home, in our cars, on our guns, you name it. -Oh… -Yeah, we were wondering what you were filming. We watched you all day yesterday. -All day? You can see that far? -Sure, I can tell you what you had for lunch. -Hopefully not what I shit for lunch.

He laughs. I’m not really kidding.

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Blackmagic Design Presents: Behind-the-Scenes on the Portland Indie Feature “Pretty Broken” (User Article)

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When her father goes missing during a mountaineering expedition, Lindsey Lou (Jillian Clare) sets out to find him – only, she’s the least qualified candidate to do so. “Pretty Broken” follows Lindsey’s journey as she struggles with the loss of her father, and deals with how life and family can be challenging (and funny). Directed by Brett Eichenberger, the film recently premiered at Newport Beach Film Festival.

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Blackmagic Design Presents: Exploring “The Depths” of Filmmaking (User Article)

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“The Depths” blew audiences away at the Manhattan Film Festival where it won Best Feature Film. Telling the story of two men desperate for success, “The Depths” follows wannabe screenwriters Mickey Hansen (Patch Darragh, “Sully”) and Ray Ferguson (Michael Rispoli, “Sopranos”) who decide to fully explore the depths of murder and crime as part of their writing process.

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Lessons Learned From Hollywood: The Adam Sandler Syndrome (User Article)

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Adam Sandler is many things. To start off, he’s a comedian, starting out with a career in stand up and quickly transitioning to television, joining Saturday Night Live during its 90’s renaissance. He’s a film icon, gaining his massive army of fans in his transition to cinema with 90’s cult classics like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and the Wedding Singer. He’s also accomplished what very few actors have: he’s his own franchise. People check out the latest action movie, the latest romantic comedy, and the latest Adam Sandler movie. However, to most film buffs, intellectuals, and critics, Adam Sandler is one thing and one thing only: a joke. And not even a funny one.

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