Films for Review

A. To submit your film for the Straight Shooter Review, which is designed for the purposes of publicity to expose your film to audiences, read through our submission restrictions. Then download, print, and fill out the following:

Printable Straight Shooter Form (DOCX)

B.  There is a small charge to recoup our costs for the time it takes for these reviews and the fact that you’re guaranteed to have your work reviewed if submitted correctly.  We keep our cost close to the cost of a film festival submission, so that it’s always very affordable to you.  You may submit your payment as a check (sent via the information on the form), or, for your convenience, via Credit or Debit card below.

C. There is a $10 convenience charge to submit a film as a Digital Submission*, rather than as a DVD or Bluray. To choose this when you go to pay, select the option with “(Digital)” rather than “(DVD)” beside the length you need.

*Digital Submission Sizes: If you’re submitting a digital film, your file size must be less than 2 Gigabytes for features and less than 800 MB for shorts. To accomplish this, please be sure to export out an .MP4 file at a resolution of “720P” and a frame rate of “23.98 fps”, using the .h264 codec. (Many video editors have an option optimized for YouTube or Vimeo. This is normally the option you’ll choose.) Dropbox is our preferred download provider. (If you want a free 2 Gig storage account from them, you’ll also get an extra 500 mb of storage with our affiliate link.)

Current Turnaround: We are running 60-90 days turnaround on Straight Shooter reviews.

WARNING: If your film isn’t finalized or has problems you know you need help with, you’ll want to submit this to our educational Film Critique section.

Straight Shooter reviews are a “no-punches pulled” example of real world film review. It’s designed for films that are ready for this sort of scrutiny, realizing that, if your film has production problems that distract the reviewer or you can’t otherwise keep the reviewer’s attention, they’ll stop watching the film and list that in the review.

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