Slim (Feature Critique)

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Slim (Michael Arell) is an overweight archaeologist who doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in his life… That is, until his boss sends him on a mission to find the mythical Golden Dustpan.  While Slim gets himself into far more trouble than he expected on his quest, he ends up learning about himself and who he wants to be in the world.

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The Good Book (Feature Critique)

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The Good Book

Feature Critique
The Good Book
Director: Sharon Wilharm
Expected Rating: G for General Audiences
Distribution: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Budget: $10,800
Genre: Silent/Inspirational
Release Date: February 2, 2015
Official Website: GoodBookMovie
Trailer: Click Here
Running Time: 62 minutes
Critique Issue: #107 (02/15)
Critiqued By: Jeremy T. Hanke
Final Score: 8.0 (out of 10)

The Good Book is the story of how people’s lives are impacted by a single book—a red-covered Gideon’s Bible—that gets passed from person to person in the course of a series of events. With the hook being that this is a silent film, all the stories are presented solely through music and visuals (albeit, sans title cards).

Daniel (Even Fielding) makes a poor decision about illumination in his home one night and ends up with a house fire. Scared to deal with the repercussions, he runs away, learning about the real world through a series of providential encounters, one of which provides him with a copy of the aforementioned Gideon’s Bible. The Bible goes on to Alex (BK Bomar), a detective who helped Daniel find his parents, then the narrative follows him as he and his wife lose a child and are forced to struggle with their pain. From here it moves on to a homeless woman, a preacher’s daughter, an overworked waitress, and so on. read more

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The Strange and Unusual (Feature Critique)

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Joel (Tim Ross) is the producer of, “The Strange and Unusual,” a reality show that probes the mysteries of the unknown every week. When the show gets cancelled, Joel discovers he's allowed to do a series finale that people will remember forever. Armed with the show's star, Martin Luckey (Dervin Gilbert), and a skeleton crew, Joel heads to a small town in South Carolina to uncover a mysterious...

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Assumption of Risk (Feature Critique)

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Wes Riemann (Dan McLaughlin) is a numerical savant. He can predict your life expectancy better than almost anyone else—and it's led him on a fast ride into one of the most lucrative life insurance companies in the country. However, when a new colleague, Darci Bettencourt (Patricia Mizen), points out some shocking anomalies in the company, Wes discovers that there are some dark secrets...

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Romancing Sydney (Final Critique)

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This is the third and final critique of Anoml Mishra's Romancing Sydney. Elisa and Sachen are a couple in love; so are their friends, Alex and John, who have recently gotten engaged. Since Elisa's visa is about to expire, Sachen has gotten the idea to propose to her so that they can stay in Australia together. But there's one problem – Sachen has let John's constant teasing get the better of him, and, to retaliate, Sachen has sabotaged John and Alex's relationship in revenge. And even though...

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Romancing Sydney (Critique)

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[We previously critiqued the film "Romancing Sydney," in its semifinal form, under the name "A Walk in Hyde Park." ] "Romancing Sydney" is a love story between Sachen (Anmol Mishra) and Elisa (Susanna Richter.) The two meet by chance one night – Elisa has been kicked out of her apartment and is sitting on the beach, crying. Sachen’s car breaks down in the same spot where she is sitting, and the two strike up a conversation that leads...

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