Films for Critique

Critiques are designed to help you improve your film and/or make better films in the future, with the help of trained filmmakers.  They help make improvements as easy as possible for you to accomplish, but they also take much more time to create, which is why they cost more money to you.  We still are able to keep the prices fairly low by making the critiques public, since other filmmakers learn from this.

(If you prefer a private critique, we do offer those as well, though the costs go up a lot more since we aren’t creating content that others can read.) 

If you feel your film doesn’t require this because it’s finalized and really strong already–maybe won a few film festival awards–then you’d be better served to submit it to our “no punches pulled” Straight Shooter Reviews which is designed to appeal to Indie film watchers who need help choosing the best Indie films out there.

A. To submit your film for critique, read through the restrictions found here.  Then download, print, and fill out the following:

Printable Critique Film Submission Form (.DOCX)

B. There is a small charge to recoup our costs for the 10-20 hours it takes to critique most films.  We keep our costs as close to the cost of a film festival submission as we can, so that it’s affordable to you.  You may submit your payment as a check (sent via the information on the form), or, for your convenience, via Credit or Debit card below.

C. We prefer all films to be on DVD when submitted.  If you’re unable to create and/or mail a DVD of your film, for an extra $10, we will let you send us a link to a digital download of your film and burn the DVD ourselves.  To select the download option choose the critique option that has “(Digital)” at the end of it instead of “(DVD).” (Do not use the “Digital Addon” option unless directed to by someone at MFM.)

Current Turnaround: We are running 90-120 days turnaround on critiques.

[Note: If you are an established indie filmmaker–meaning you’ve completed at least one feature or at least two short films outside the studio system–and you’re interested in helping write critiques as a way to give back to the film community, please contact us and let us know!]