5M: A Silent Film That Screams (Straight Shooter Film Review)

Posted by on Mar 11, 2016 in Featured, Narrative, Reviews, Short Length, Straight Shooter Reviews, Straight Shooter Reviews (Short Narrative) | 3 comments

When he’s in danger of losing his business in the recession, Dave (Deepak Ravella) comes up with a dangerous criminal scheme with his partner Sonny (Sonny Chatrath) and his wife Amy (Ami Sheth) to gain $5 million through cheating the insurance company. But when things go off the rails, they plunge toward the depths of murder and betrayal.

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Smoking & Masochism (Straight Shooter Film Review)

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John (Juan Amador) picks up Mimi (Angeline Prendergast) to take her to a porn film. Along the way, as Mimi puffs on an electronic cigarette, John makes wild assumptions about why she smokes, including that she wasn’t loved as a child, that she was beaten, and that she was raped. After pissing her off enough to threaten to beat him with an electronic cigarette, she realizes that he’s into S&M and starts to ask him the same sorts of questions about his addiction.

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