Publicize Your Creation

Many low-budget filmmakers, festival creators, and Indie distributors touch base with us regularly to help them promote their creations or crowdfunding campaigns!  MFM exists to try to help Indie Creators connect with each other and help support one another!

While we don’t usually have the staff necessary to write articles about all of the new low-budget films, festivals, crowdfunding campaigns, products, or creative services  that people approach us on, we do have a great system set up to help you get the word out there using MFM as a conduit called S.E.A.R. 

S.E.A.R. stands for Socialize, Educate, Announce, and Review.  Follow below to use this system on your new film!


Showcase your creation,  festival, or crowdfunding campaign through our Facebook page to other content creators and filmmakers who want to help your creation succeed along with their own!

  1. Post info, an image, and/or a trailer on our Facebook Page


Submitting a filmmaking article from some of the things you’ve learned through your new film, company, or service is a great way for you to get additional exposure from other creators and developers who want to learn from you and it helps get additional people spreading the buzz about your creation in the process.

  1. Look at our Articles section for topics we haven’t covered that you’ve got a unique perspective on!
  2. Download the article template
  3. Fill it out in Microsoft Word or Open Office
  4. Collect the needed media listed in the template
  5. Submit your Article via our new Article Submission Page

Current wait time for proofing article and potential publication: 1 month.


A press release uses an industry standard way to get news outlets and their readers interested in your creation.  MFM is happy to post yours if you’ll follow the following instructions!  (To see an example of a well formatted press release as it appears when published here at MFM, go to the Magic Bullet 12 Release.)

  1. Read our Press Release Basics article.
  2. Write your Press Release in Arial/Helvetica or Times New Roman
  3. Save as a Word .DOC with an Optional YouTube link at the bottom
  4. Create a 960 px w x 600 px h thumbnail header image as a .JPG file
  5. Create a 1000 px w x 400 px h banner image as a .JPG file
  6. Submit your Press Release via our new Press Release Submission Page

Current wait time for publication: 7 – 10 days.


Based on availability of writers, we can do reviews on films, multimedia offerings, and the like. (Festivals and crowdfunding campaigns are not currently reviewed, but we’re happy to have you submit announcements about them, per the previous section.)

For Films: Straight Shooter reviews are designed to publicize your film by appealing to Indie film watchers to help them sort through the different options for films.  There is a small charge for these reviews (usually around the cost of a film submission to a festival) to compensate our busy filmmakers for their time in reviewing the films.

  1. To submit, go to our Straight Shooter Review Section

Current wait time for publication for Straight Shooter reviews: 45-60 days (from receipt of physical copy of film and payment).

For New Software/Equipment/Services: This can be a great way to get people who need your products to understand how it works and what other content creators thought of it.

  1. Go ahead and download one of our review templates (to understand how your product will be reviewed).
  2. You will need to give us two full versions of your product (whether that be physical, a license, or, for monthly services, a year license) to test it out.  (We often will get people asking questions about products we’ve reviewed in the past, so having both an editorial and review copy allow us to answer those questions in the future.)
  3. Contact us to arrange the review.  (This goes directly to our editor.  Do not attempt to arrange reviews with individual writers, because it bogs down the scheduling process substantially and we can’t guarantee any reviews that aren’t initiated with our editor.)

Current wait time for publication on product reviews: 3-5 months.