A Car Park in Cambridgeshire: The Making of Ren – The Girl with the Mark (Article)

Posted by on Feb 12, 2016 in Articles, Behind-the-Scenes, Featured, Retrospectives | 1 comment

On March 1st, Kate Madison’s new fantasy action series will premiere free online. Ren: The Girl with the Mark is an ambitious show full of custom-made sets, props and costumes, yet it was made on a crowdfunded budget of just £36,000. We talked to Kate and her team to find out how this seemingly impossible project made it to the screen.

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Digging Into YouTube: How Analytics Can Help Uncover Your Audience (Article/Tips)

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Earlier this year, I launched a YouTube channel that I host. As someone who always saw herself as a “behind the scenes” person, the idea of hosting a channel was the farthest thing from my mind. However, as no one else would step up to host the channel I conceived, I was forced to go through the labor which began with outright refusal to film myself, followed by a great deal of reluctance at the thought of filming myself and finally resignation to the idea of filming myself.

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From Timid To Tenacious: How Filmmaking Changed My Brother (Retrospective/Article)

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Growing up, my younger brother was unlike most of his peers – he stayed in to watch, read about, and think about films while everyone else went out and did whatever it is that young boys do. As a result, his interpersonal communicating took a backseat to his introverted pondering. Everyone assumed my brother was quiet because he just didn’t have much to say. It wasn’t until we attended the premiere of his first independent film that we realized how wrong we all...

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From Script to Screen: The Rise of Hong Kong Cinema (Article)

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At the intersection of eastern and western cultures, Hong Kong is a city of innovation. From its iconic skyline rising up from the sea to its status as an independent city-state at the edge of China, Hong Kong refuses to conform. So it’s no wonder this city’s cinematic landscape is so special.

Today, Hong Kong’s box office revenue tops HK$ 1.6 billion. Its industry releases hundreds of films annually, supports more than 16,000 jobs and finds its home in more than 2,300 venues. But the vibrancy of Hong Kong’s contemporary film scene didn’t happen overnight. Rather, it is the culmination of more than a century of experimentation, development and hard work.

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Neither Rain nor Sleet: Shooting in a Downpour (Tips/Tutorial)

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Rain. How we’d love to go inside and have a cup of tea when the old British precipitation interrupts a shoot, but quite often the schedule demands that we carry on regardless. Here are a few tips for filming in the wet stuff. Cover the Camera

If you don’t have a proper rain cover, a transparent recycling bag with a couple of holes cut in it will usually do the job, but have someone hold an umbrella over the camera at all times as added protection. If you have them, put on a matte box and top flag to keep rain off the lens.

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