Le Rêve Films Relies on Collaborative Blackmagic Cloud Workflow for Celebrity Wedding Films

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Fremont, CA – November 20, 2023 – Blackmagic Design today announced that Le Rêve Films, an award winning wedding filmmaking company, relies on a Blackmagic Design post production workflow to service the ultra luxury wedding market. Leveraging the power of Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini and Blackmagic Cloud Pod network storage solutions, Le Rêve Films’ post production team seamlessly collaborates both locally and remotely with DaVinci Resolve Studio and Blackmagic Cloud, helping to create unforgettable video content for its clients.

Established in 2010 by the dynamic husband and wife duo, Lindsey and Cherish Conklin, Le Rêve Films is recognized as one of the world’s premier wedding videographers by Harper’s BAZAAR and has had work featured in Vogue, Martha Stewart Weddings, and People. The company specializes in capturing the enchanting moments of couples’ weddings from around the globe, with clientele including notable figures Naomi Biden, DJ Tiësto, Ashley and Jared from the Bachelor Nation, and Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay.

Due to its upscale clientele, Le Rêve Films frequently covers destination weddings that span multiple days and require multiple camera angles. As a result, the Conklin duo often need to travel by air and efficiently handle the extensive footage upon their return. By leveraging the Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini and the Blackmagic Proxy Generator App, the Conklins can seamlessly back up their footage while also automating the creation and management of proxies with a single click of a button.

“The Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini offers us invaluable peace of mind, knowing that our precious footage is securely stored. These are our clients’ cherished memories, moments that cannot be recreated, and we know that they are safeguarded with the Cloud Store Mini,” Lindsey emphasized. “In addition, being able to seamlessly switch between camera original footage and proxies with just one click has significantly accelerated our editing workflow.”

To sort through the massive library of footage, Lindsey relies on the metadata features in DaVinci Resolve Studio’s edit page. He explained, “The edit page is just so intuitive and simple, making it so easy to organize our footage. After inputting all my footage, I’ll then use my DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor to quickly go through the footage and make quick cuts and ripple deletes. The Speed Editor is truly a remarkable tool, streamlining our editing workflow and affording us more time to focus on the artistic aspects, particularly in the realm of color grading.”

Cherish, Le Rêve Films’ colorist, then meticulously refines the film’s hues using DaVinci Resolve Studio’s color page, providing each wedding project with a timeless and elegantly lavish visual appeal. “Before adopting DaVinci Resolve, color grading was often overlooked,” she explained. “However, with the comprehensive toolset at my disposal in DaVinci Resolve, I can delve deeper into perfecting my color grading skills. Weddings can present unpredictable lighting challenges, but with DaVinci Resolve, I’m empowered to fine tune my edits to a granular level, adjusting aspects like faces in a wedding speech or the hues of flowers.”

Rounding out their workflow, Lindsey and Cherish also rely on DaVinci Resolve Studio’s Fusion page to remove unwanted subjects in the background, ranging from cars to drones, while the built in Fairlight tools are used to adjust audio.

Lindsey noted, “Our transition to DaVinci Resolve Studio was driven by the comprehensive suite of tools it offers. Unlike other platforms that require constant program switching and footage relinking, DaVinci Resolve continues to astonish us with its capabilities. Whether it’s the color grading features or seamless access to tools like Fusion and Fairlight, our post workflow has significantly gained speed and quality.”

“DaVinci Resolve Studio and our Blackmagic Cloud workflow have truly transformed our creative process,” he concluded. “We’ve broken free from software limitations, and now our only boundary is our imagination. We’re excited to continue to deliver stunning footage to our clients with the help of Blackmagic Design.”

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  • Le Rêve Films Relies on Collaborative Blackmagic Cloud Workflow for Celebrity Wedding Films
    Le Rêve Films Relies on Collaborative Blackmagic Cloud Workflow for Celebrity Wedding Films

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