CrossMedia Snapshots: Conducttr – Audience Engagement Tool (Article/Editorial)

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conducttrWhen looking to develop an interactive project, there are many tools available to help manage and run the assets associated with your story. Conducttr is an audience engagement tool that can help you manage and deliver your content. I really like Conducttr as it can be used for a wide range of projects (educational, documentary, transmedia) and has a very low learning curve in terms of use (they provide a number of training options and tutorials to aid in using the system). When you visit the Conducttr site, they offer demos that feature the different ways content can be managed as well as Success Stories;  projects that have used the management tools.
Zoe TrappZoe Trapp is one example of a current project using Conducttr. The story follows an employee at a genetic enhancement company, Life Identical, as she exposes what goes on at the company’s labs. Zoe Trapp combines video, email, tweets and an interactive web site to deliver the story elements. People can choose how they want the story to continue using the web site.  Zoe Trapp uses Conductrr to build the interactive web site drawing the audience deeper into the story. I recommend you take a look at how Zoe Trapp tells a story and how it uses Conducttr to deliver that story.

Zoe Trapp

I end this month’s article with a sad note. Brian Clark, a giant in the interactive media, experiential storytelling field, passed away at the beginning of this month. He worked on many projects such as The Art of the Heist for Audi and Who is Benjamin Stove for General Motors over his more than 20 years in the field.   Brian recorded a Story Forward podcast that showcases his wit and wisdom and you can explore more of his work through the GMD Studios site. You will be missed Mr. Clark, you will be missed.

Brian Clark

Brain Clark image courtesy of Story Forward, 
Zoe Trapp image courtesy of Zoe Trapp, 
Conductrr image courtesy of Transmedia Storyteller.

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