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3D Animation MotionStudio 3DMotionStudio 3D

Publisher: Corel Corporation
Type: 3D Titling and Animation Plugin
Cost: $99.99
Release Date: Available Now
Official Website: Click Here
Download Demo: Click Here
Samples: Click Here
Training Videos: Click Here
Review Issue: Issue #71 (November 2011)
Reviewed By: Matt Terry
Final Score: 8.8 out of 10

Corel MotionStudio 3D is a reasonably priced 3D titling and computer animation program for anyone who wants to add professional looking titles and graphics to their videos.

Ease of Use

Corel MotionStudio 3D uses a basic editing style that you would find similar to video editing softwares such as Sony Vegas Pro or Final Cut Pro. This helps the user feel comfortable right out of the box.

The Screen with the Corel Guide
The Screen with the Corel Guide.
The Screen without the Corel Guide.
The Screen without the Corel Guide.

The titling process is very simple. Just click on the text box and type whatever it is you want. Then, using the tools to the right side, you can click and drag what modification you want to add to the text.

To make your text “pop” more, you can add video to the background – again another click and drag option.

Added video with the first text.
Added video with the first text.

After creating a title and adding an effect it can be rendered very quickly and inserted into the video program you are using.

Title inserted into Sony Vegas Pro 9.
Title inserted into Sony Vegas Pro 9.

Using the graphics aspect of the program, you can insert many of the provided 3D graphics – such as a dolphin.

A dolphin on a beach.
A dolphin on a beach.

Another aspect of the program is the use of particle effects…

Smoke particle effect.
Smoke particle effect.

Then using the provided 3-D graphics, you can mix and match them as you see fit. Again, all very simple.

Same without the photo in the background.
Same without the photo in the background.

Bottom line: Using the tutorials provided, you can be up and running quickly, but, as you delve deeper into the program, you will find that there are layers and layers of content and effects at your disposal.

Depth of Options

The titling options alone are exceptional, with literally hundreds of modifications you can do with your text. Clicking and dragging what you want done to the text couldn’t be simpler. Inserting provided graphics and overlays, quickly creating shapes and objects, and changing camera angles can all be done on the fly and then the program provides you with 3-D animation models for you to explore and insert. Once you’ve completed your animation/titling/graphic – you can render it to multiple types of video files and insert it easily into your project.

With the ability to also insert your own graphics and images you truly are limited by only your imagination.


Installed and used on a Windows 7 based system, running 6 gigs RAM, the program worked fine with the tests I ran it through. Rendering time of the clip I created was minimal and I had no slow-down in performance. The program has the ability to allow the importation of other graphics, and the insertion of background photos, both of which were streamlined and painless.

The program’s simplification of layout and placement along with it’s speedy rendering leaves the user more time to create content than worry about how to figure out the mechanics or how long it’s going to take.

The ability to explore the other types of modifications, while not slowing your machine down to a crawl, enables you to keep working seamlessly on your project(s) and gets you to a finishing point easily and efficiently.


For everything this package does at only $99, it’s a great value. Barely scratching the surface of the program – there are tools and options for every skill level. The fact that Corel allows you to use the FULL PROGRAM for free for 15 days to see if it fits your needs is really awesome! (And for folks who want an added reason to give this a good test drive, with the release of this review, MFM is kicking off our Logos of Depleted contest with great Corel prizes! Click here for more information.)

Final Comments

Overall I thought the product was very well designed. Within minutes, I was creating animation and was re-doing my production company title and inserting it into Sony Vegas. Those who have need of 3D titling and logos will find a treasure trove of tools and elements at their disposal – all for a very reasonable price.

If you think that you might have a need for this, you definitely owe it to yourself to try out the full 15 day trial. And, with the Logos of Depleted contest going on now until the end of December, you have an even better reason to try it out now!


8.0 : Ease of Use
10.0 : Depth of Options
8.0 : Performance
9.0 : Value
8.8: Overall Score

Matthew Terry is a Seattle based screenwriter and filmmaker who has taught “Beginning Screenwriting” and “The History of American Film” for the past 20 years at Seattle Central Community College. In 2008 he made a micro-budget feature film entitled “Daylight Saving Time.” He has since produced two more feature films. Most recently he created a 10 part on-line YouTube video course entitled "The Screenwriting Work-Out."

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  1. I find Corel as the best software out and am ready to go into the 3D animation world with courage thank you.

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