Reviewer/Writer Rules & Templates


  1. Length. All articles/reviews/critiques must be at least 500 words in length, but no longer than 1200 words in length. (Exception: Event and festival coverage may be 1500 words.)
  2. Pre-Reading Requirement. All articles, critiques, and reviews must be pre-read by a friend or colleague for readability and any needed corrections made before it’s sent in for editorial proofing.

Special Instructions

CCing Emails.  All emails between a writer and a company or filmmaker must be CC’d to the editor, so that everyone is on the same page on all communication.

Unexpected Delays or Issues. If there are any unexpected delays or serious problems, contact the editor directly and immediately.  Do not contact the company or filmmaker until directed by the editor.

Submission Order. Do not send any reviews/articles/critiques on to a company or filmmaker for fact checking until the editor has sent you an approved edit to do so.

Reviewer Best Practices Checklist

  1. Editor arranges review with company and available reviewer
  2. Reviewer and company arrange product delivery
  3. Reviewer alerts editor when product arrives and confirms review deadline
  4. Reviewer downloads a copy of the current review template on this page (below)
  5. Reviewer uploads review via our front end creator with at least four to five pictures and captions
  6. Reviewer also sends a word document without pictures to editor for final proofing
  7. Editor makes final proof edits and editorial suggestions
  8. Reviewer sends a final copy to the PR firm for complimentary fact checking
  9. Company sends reviewer a with only factual issues addressed
  10. Reviewer makes any change to online review they choose based on editorial and fact-check feedback
  11. Reviewer emails or texts editor to let alert them that final changes have been made
  12. Editor finalizes and schedules the review
  13. Reviewer alerts PR agency of date of review and review link

Submission Checklist

Make sure that when you’re ready to upload your article/review online, you have the following assets:

If you don’t have Photoshop for resizing larger images, use and save as .JPG at “good” quality.

For Your Bio / Signature Paragraph:

  • A square picture of you, the author. (no smaller than 400 pixels wide by 400 pixels high)
  • A biography paragraph for you that tells a little about you as a filmmaker or artist, which can include HTML markup language. (Between two to four sentences in length.)

Update  Bio Paragraph and Picture

For Your Submission:

  • A specialized thumbnail banner picture that is 960 px wide by 600 px wide and saved as a 50% quality JPG in Photoshop (or good quality in picresize).
  • For Reviews/Critiques/SSR: A cover picture of the product, no smaller than 500 px wide by 750 px high (If they don’t have a cover picture, then contact the PR rep and request one) saved as a .JPG or a .PNG. (Save images with high amounts of red as a high quality PNG, not a JPG.)
  • 2-3 screen captures or images of this product from your actual review time saved in .JPG format.  Pictures need to be 1000 pixels wide and saved to correspond with your photocaptions. (Exception: Interviews may use only one image.  In this case it will be an image of the interview subject formatted like a cover picture.)

Enter Submission Portal

Word Templates

For additional info on posting, that was formerly in our Dashboard Notepad, and which is now out of date click here.