Wild Wars

Wild Wars LogoThe world of man has been depleted to the brink of extinction and now only a handful of people survive.

Those that have, have allied themselves with hordes of animals from the five habitats: Land, Sea, Underground, Forest, and Sky.  You are a general of one of these hordes and will work together with your animals to claim a new habitat to live in, fighting against enemy generals’ who seek to stop you in these Wild Wars for survival.

Unlike most other Card Games, which use magical and fantasy creatures, Wild Wars is based on real world animals with actual abilities!

Wild Wars is great for ages 8 and up, teaching the concepts of more complex strategy card games in a way that kids can understand and fostering a love of science and the world around them!

Single decks, dueling decks, and deluxe dueling decks are able to be purchased directly through our storefront at DriveThru Cards!

What Makes Wild Wars Unique?

Wild Wars uses the incredible animals found in our own world to encourage a love of science and wonder of the world around us. By pairing actual abilities these animals possess with gameplay, Wild Wars creates a revolutionary form of enriched learning!

Real World AnimalsBy using iconic images to show animals’ strengths and abilities, younger players can grasp strategy in a whole new way! More experienced strategy players will find Wild Wars far more relaxed to play than other games due to the easily recognized icons!

Easy Symbols and IconsWild Wars boils down all the card types found in normal collectible card games to just THREE: Food Sources, Animals, and Objects! This means younger players can easily grasp the three basic concepts of:

1.Get food.
2.Food attracts animals.
3.Animals help you win!

Simplified Card TypesTo challenge more advanced players, there are at least 4 color-specific, strategy-shifting generals available for every deck! Plus, each general is based on a real people group or job, encouraging exploration of the real world through the game!

Optional GeneralsBecause Wild Wars is a CCG (Collectible Card Game), it’s not limited to the core decks, so players start with a basic deck and then are free to swap in better pieces from other decks and expansion packs to more fully reflect their preferred game play as they learn and grow!   Players are encouraged to combine kingdoms to create hybrid armies, to swap in all-stars from a roster of current and soon-to-be-released generals, and trade with friends to create the most powerful army!

Modular Expansion

What’s the Power Star System?

The Wild Wars proprietary Power Star System allows the game to advance with the player’s skills. With complexity measured by stars, the more stars on a card, the more options it has–and the more advanced it is! This allows households with a variety of ages and skill levels within them to quickly transform decks to fairly compete!

How many players can play?

Wild Wars is ideally suited to two players, but, with one deck per player, you can play with up to four. In larger games, players will enjoy the challenge of competing against multiple opponents at once, having to come up with more complex forms of strategy to deal with them.  (We do recommend a starting life total of 15 for three players, and 20 for four players!)

How do I get started?

Unlike some more complex collectible card games, Wild Wars intentionally makes getting started really simple.  While more experienced players may want to get a Solo deck and expand it (or even create one from scratch) to build the “ultimate” fighting deck, most people want to start with a game that has everything you need to start playing “in the box,” so to speak.

As such, one of our Basic Duel Decks is the perfect way to get started with Wild Wars.  Each set includes two complete 42 card dueling decks (along with any requisite Spawn cards)–everything you need to enjoy rousing fights between major animals from two competing kingdoms:!  (The Deluxe versions are an even better value because they include 8 generals–four for each deck!  Generals allow you to add radically different strategies to the game, without adding much additional complexity.)

(If you’d like to get a better feel for the game, you can download the Basic Rules Printable PDF. )

What options are currently available?

Check out the different deck options currently available: