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Special & Visual Effects    
  After Effects Training:
Creating a stylized Disco Intro
- Is. #59(10/10) - Combine composited characters to create a truly stylistic sequence in After Effects.
  Basics of Chromakey Production & Rules to
Shoot By
- Is. #22(08/07) - Learn how to successfully shoot green screen footage with lower budget cameras.
  Build a $60 Portable Greenscreen - Is. #22(08/07) -Build a rugged, collapsible green screen.
  Build a Dead Guy for Horror Films - Is. #24(10/07) -Create a realistic dead body for backgrounds in horror films.
  Choosing Prop Guns for a Realistic Gun Fight - Is. #17(02/07) -Find out which guns work the best for post-production effects
  Compositing Lightwave Models with Lightwave 6 and above - Is. #29(04/08) -Mike King shows you how to composite a 3D object into a film
  Create a Hollywood Style Gunshot Wound - Is. #23(09/07) -See how to create a Hollywood-style squib gunshot
  Creating a 3D Crane Effect with a Matte Painting and After Effects - Is. #28(03/08) -Utilize still pictures and footage to create a moving camera crane shot for your films.
  Creating Automatic Muzzle Flashes in EffectsLab - Is. #13(13/06) -Learn to create randomized muzzle flashes in EffectsLab
  Creating Broken's Authentic Muzzle Fire with Shake - Is. #14(11/06) -Learn to make node-based muzzle flames in Shake
  Creating Dopplar Maps for Storm Movies in After Effects - Is. #19(05/07) -Create the Weather Channel-like storm fronts for disaster movies
  Creating Crowds: Special Effects with Craig Herron - Is. #10(07/06) -Learn to multiply extras to create crowds in your films
  Creating a Greenscreen Period Piece: Driving in Classic Cars - Is. #44 (07/09) -Craig Herron shows you high level greenscreen for vintage cars.
  Creating Realistic Fires in EffectsLab/VisionLab Studio - Is. #13(13/06) -In-Depth look at how to create realistic building fires and smoke
  Creating Special Effects:
On Nick Denney’s The Guardian
- Is. #52(03/10) -We compare different green screen items and software
  Creating Special Effects with particleIllusion 3 - Is. #25(11/07) -A look at using particleIllusion 3 in filmmaking
  Fixing Poor Greenscreens in CompositeLab - Is. #13(13/06) -Learn to fix poor greenscreens to make clean keys
  Ghost Machine: Creating Supernatural Spectres - Is. #12(09/06) -Create spooky spirits and apparitions in After Effects
  The Great Compositing 3D
- Is. #25(11/07) -A Comparison of 6 different 3D software programs.
  The Great Greenscreen Roundup - Is. #22(08/07) -We compare different green screen items and software
  How to Make a
Rain Machine
- Is. #23(09/07) -See how to make a movie-style rain machine
  Masking 3D Shapes for Effect in Photoshop CS5 - Is. #62(01/11) -Zoranna Lee shows you 3D tricks in Photoshop CS5 Extended.
  Micro-Budget Animation in Freedom Dance - Is. #18(04/07) - An article on how to create low budget animation in film.
  No-Cook Edible Fake Blood for Mouth Wounds - Is. #23(09/07) -Make realistic blood for vampires and mouth wounds
  Physical Special Effects:
Creating Bullet Hits with Paintball Shots
- Is. #17(02/07) - Find out how you can create complex bullet impact effect with specially filled paint balls.
  Posing with Poser 7:Crafting Realistic, Animated People with 3rd Party Add-ons, V.1 - Is. #21(07/07) -Find out how 3rd party add-ons can give you powerful animation and rendering abilities in Poser
  Posing with Poser 7:
Animating the Realistic & Fantastic with 3rd Party Add-ons, V.2
- Is. #22(08/07) -Find out how 3rd party add-ons can give you powerful animation abilities for both realism and surrealism in Poser
  Preparing Ultra Low-
Budget Special Effects
- Is. #7 (04/06) -Learn how to prepare your script and shots for budget SFX
  Prepping Your Airsoft Guns For Action Films - Is. #54(05/10) -Video on how to get airsoft guns ready for special effects films.
  Ragged Tears:
Create Your Own Arm Wound
- Is. #37(12/08) -How-to use makeup to create realistic arm wounds.
  Scripting in After Effects #1: Creating Explosive Shake - Is. #51(02/10) -See how to create camera shake in AE.
  Scripting in After Effects #2: Creating a Concussion Effect - Is. #51(02/10) -See how to create a concussed person's POV in AE.
  Shattering Brick
- Is. #12(09/06) -Make shattering backdrop effects using After Effects
  Sucking Face:
Sculpting Vampire Bites
- Is. #37(12/08) -How-to use makeup to create realistic vampire bites.
  Taking Your Film to the Next
Level with Magic Bullet Looks
- Is. #42 (04/09) -AJ Wedding shows the basics of Magic Bullet Looks.
  Tips for Shooting Green
Screen with the DVX
& HVX Cameras
- Is. #22(08/07) -Suggestions for getting good footage with the DVX/HVX cameras for greenscreen shoots
  Ultra CS3: Keying Basics - Is. #22(08/07) -Tutorial with Adobe Ultra CS3
  Visual Effects: Make Your
Own Smoke Bombs
- Is. #3 (12/05) -Simple, cheap formula makes useful smoke and fog for films
  zMatte: Setting Up A
Movie Key
- Is. #22(08/07) -Tutorial with Digital Film Tools zMatte keying software

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