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No-Cook Edible Fake
Blood for Mouth Wounds

by Mariela Huber & Farrin Abbott

Fake blood can be a real challenge---too red, too clear, too...fake. But this recipe is thick, you don't have to cook, is totally safe to eat and not too many ingredients -- unfortunately they probably won't be found right in your cupboard unless you live w/ grandma. So sometimes its easier to buy fake blood capsules and be done but if that's not feasible cuz it's 3am or you live in a small town, go to the grocery store and make this.

Credits: This recipe is inspired by horror/sci-fi Troma film director, Lloyd Kaufman's recipe in his book "Make Your Own Damn Movie." Unfortunately his didn't do it for me so, thanks Lloyd, I had to Make My Own Damn Fake Blood recipe too.

Step 1Ingredients
You will need:

  1. Food Coloring : Red and Blue
  2. LIGHT Karo (or other brand) corn syrup
  3. Flour
  4. Mixing bowl
  5. *Optional measuring cup and spoons

Step 2Coloring
I started with 20mL of corn syrup because the red food coloring does NOT go far. I don't need tons, I just need it for some knocked out teeth in an upcoming short. This guide is therefor based on 20mL (less than 1/8cup) of corn syrup.

You will need to drop in 50, yes fifty, drops of red. It takes a lot to lose the clear brightness of the food coloring. The blue is the special ingredient (thanks Lloyd). But be careful. Use only 1 or 2 drops of blue. It turns burgundy-blueberry pie filling looking quick and then you have to start over. So:

1 or 2 drops of Blue per 50 drops of Red.

Step 3Adding Flour
The flour will really help the blood lose its transparency. Add it slow because it gums up and you'll have to add more corn syrup and food coloring if you add too much.

I started with 1/2 tsp of flour, mixed it in and sprinkled more in until it was no longer clear but still syrupy.

Step 4Mix and Go!
Mix it up and pour it into an airtight container and its ready to take on location!

Step 5Gross!
Smear it all over your mouth and cry in pain when the director yells, "ACTION".

(Reprinted with permission from Mariela Huber & Farrin Abbott & CopyCatFilms.  Originally printed at )

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