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Physical Effects:
Creating Bullet Hits with Paintball Shots

by Michael Slone

A very realistic way to simulate bullet hits is with “special” Paintball shots. They are small plastic balls that you fire from a Paintball gun. You can buy them from Roger George Rentals in Van Nuys, CA. They will fit most standard paintball guns, but you will want to try one out first before you buy a lot of them, just to make sure they fit your gun. Here is the contact information for Roger George Rentals:

Roger George Rentals
Van Nuys, CA
(818) 994-3049

The Paintball shots are called Sweeney Balls. You can buy them as blanks or you can buy them pre-made. The blank shots cost .35 cents each. They come as two plastic halves. You have to fill them yourself, and then glue them together. Most of the pre-made shots cost $1.25 each.

They come pre-filled and already glued together. They can come filled with fuller’s earth (for shots hitting the ground), black dust powder, red dust powder or white dust powder. You can also buy Sweeney Balls filled with Zirconium. These shots tend to spark when you fire them at metal objects. They have to be fired a certain way to look realistic, but the people at Roger George Rentals can teach you how to do this. The Zirconium shots cost $1.50 each. I have tried several of the Sweeney Balls, and the black dust hits seem to work the best. I use them for almost all of my shots.

As with anything, Paintball guns and Sweeney Balls can be very dangerous if they are not used with extreme caution, and used in the way that they were intended. Please read the instructions and warnings that come included with your Paintball equipment, and always practice “Safety First”.
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