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Camerawork & Equipment  
  35mm Lens Adapters
- Is. #41(04/09) -The basics of using lens adapters for microfilmmakers
  Bare-Bones Video Production for Writers #1:
The Basics of Getting Great Footage
- Is. #48(11/09) -The first in a series of articles based on excerpts from Tony Levelle's book 'Digital Video Secrets'
  Bare Bones Video Production for Writers #2:
Composing Powerful Images
- Is. #49(12/09) -The second in a series of articles based on excerpts from Tony Levelle's book 'Digital Video Secrets'
  Bare Bones Video Production for Writers #5:
Going Handheld
-Is. #52(03/10) -The fifth article in Tony Levelle's look at low-budget filmmaking deals with hand held shooting.
  Build a $10 PVC Fig Rig Camera Stabilizer - Is. #23(09/07) -Make a $10 version of the $400 Fig Rig camera stabilizer
  Build a Night Vision
- Is. #29(04/08) -Make a Night Vision camera to get low-light footage
  Build Your Own Matte Box - Is. #26(12/07) -Plans for building a matte box
  Build Your own Spy Cam Sunglasses for Docs - Is. #27(01/08) -Record covert footage for docs with this DIY tutorial
  Do It Yourself Steadycam Vest & Arm
- Is. #33(08/08) -Build Your Own Pro Vest Rig for under $250.
  Getting Great Prices on Cameras Without Getting Fleeced - Is. #14(11/06) -We walk you through some practices for getting reliable cameras at good prices.
  How to Build a $14
- Is. #1 (10/05) -Learn how to make simple steadycam from pipes & weights
  How to Build a $100 Crane - Is. #4 (01/06) -Learn to build a budget crane.
  How to Build a Gimble Steadycam - Is. #5 (02/06) -Learn to build a steadycam utilizing a gimble system
  How to Shoot Your Film
for Editing
- Is. #12(09/06) -Learn to make production flow seamlessly into post-production
  Introduction to the XDCAM
EX1 Tapeless Workflow
- Is. #27(01/08) - Learn how to import XDCam EX1 footage into FCP
  Make Your Own 35mm DOF
From Glass to
Total Construct
- Is. #27(01/08) -Learn how to make a home-built 35mm adapter that lets you get a film-like depth of field
  Make Your Own Rollerblade Dolly - Is. #3 (12/05) -Learn how to make a professional blade dolly
  Recording HDV to
Hard Drive
- Is. #4 (01/06) - Avoid drop-outs in the Sony & JVC HDV cameras with this tip.
  Redrock Micro Presents:
Framing Effective Shots with a 35mm Lens Adapter
- Is. #49(12/09) -Tom Antos shows you how to create visually compelling shallow-depth shots for your film.
  Redrock Micro Presents:
The Basics of 35mm Lens Adapters
- Is. #45(08/09) -Brian Valente shows you the basics of 35mm lens adapters and how they work.
  Redrock Micro Presents:
Setting Up Your 35mm Lens Adapter Optimally
- Is. #46(09/09) -Brian Valente shows you how to set up your 35mm adapter and get the best possible images.
  Rollerskate Dolly Design:
Plan View
- Is. #3 (12/05) -See how to make a professional skate-based dolly
  Scott Spears Presents...
Indie Tips:
- Is. #15(12/06) -A .wmv video tutorial teaching the basics of slating.
  Scott Spears Presents...
Indie Tips:
White Balancing Tricks
- Is. #3 (12/05) -A .wmv video tutorial to show you some nice white balancing effects and tricks
  Shooting with the Redrock Micro M2/HVX200 on Illegal - Is. #19(05/07) -A look at lighting and shooting with a 35mm lens adapter
  Shoulder the Burden:
Build Your Own Shoulder Mount
- Is. #37(12/08) -Build your own shoulder mount for professional cameras.
  "That thing shoots video?"
Video DSLR on Absentia
- Is. #62(01/11) -What video DSLR's mean to the independent film director.

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