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How To Build Your Own 35mm Lens Adapter

by Daniel Schweinert

[Editor's Note:  You've all read our reviews for 35mm lens adapters like the Redrock Micro and the Letus35, which give you the depth of field you'd normally find in film on video.  However, not all of us can afford these professional adapters.  So, if you fall into this camp, then Daniel Schweinert has a very helpful and timely DIY guide for you.  Originally published as three separate articles, we've listed these in order of logical assembly to form one complete DIY guide.  If you need anything custom built or for any of the harder to find parts, Daniel is more than happy to help you out for a reasonable price if you want to visit his home page or email him. -JH]

   Step 1: Build the Wax-Ground Glass
   Step 2: Build An Achromat-Diopter
   Step 3: How to Build a 35mm Depth
   of Field Adapter (for Nikon Lenses


(Reprinted with permission from Daniel Schweinert.  Printed originally at: )

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