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Distribution & Marketing    
  Connecting With Audiences: Lessons Learned from The Blair Witch Project - Is. #57(08/10) -Marketing tips from one of the fathers of new marketing, Mike Minello of The Blair Witch Project.
  Cutting Edge Connections - Is. #68(08/11) - New tools for online distribution.
  Filmmakers Are Doin’
It For Themselves:
Using Social Networking to Market Your Film
- Is. #48 (11/09) -How to use online marketing and film festivals to attract fans and distributors.
  Film Promotion 2.0 - Is. #54(05/10) -Getting Your Film Into The World.
  How To Build a Guerilla
- Is. #24(10/07) -Build a MobMov as a way to distribute your film.
  Hybrid Distribution Techniques:
for Micro-budget Filmmakers
- Is. #58(09/10) -Learn the basics of profiting from multiple distribution methods.
  Learning from
Current Distributors and Festivals
- Is. #61(12/10) -Considering the types of films distributors are distributing and festivals are screening.
  Managing a Storyworld with Wordpress:
Part 1
- Is. #60(11/10) -Use Wordpress's content management system functionality to control your story's elements.
  Navigating the World of Film Distribution - Is. #41(04/09) -Istvan Criste shows you how to get your film distributed.
  A New Look at Piracy:
An Effective Form of Distribution?
- Is. #53 (04/10) -Ross Pruden looks at how piracy may not be a problem for low-budget filmmakers.
  Online Distribution Tools for the Microbudget Filmmaker: Eggup - Is. #57(08/10) -Sheri Candler shows an encoded method for distributing films.
  The Post-Sundance
Distribution Strategy
of Bass Ackwards
- Is. #51(02/10) -Iinterview with producer Thomas Woodrow about the film "Bass Ackwards".
  Promoting You Masterpiece:
- Is. #32(07/08) -No-Budget Self-Distribution for the Post-Post-Production Process
  Self Distribution:
Abandon All Hope???
- Is. #18(04/07) -How to make a profit on your film through self distribution.
  Thinking Outside the Box
to Distribute & Promote
Your Film
- Is. #25(11/07) -Some creative ways to distribute  and promote your films to fans and newcomers.
  Topspin Media:
Turning Its Sights on Independent Film
- Is. #60(11/10) -How to use Topspin media's software to sell directly to your audience.

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