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  Assembling a Micro-Budget Lighting Kit - Is. #1 (10/05) -How to build a useful light kit for under $200.
  Build an $11 Light Stand
- Is. #38(01/09) -Build your own stand out of PVC.
  Filmmaking for Writers #3: Lighting a Scene for Optimal Effect - Is. #50(01/10) -Learn the basics of lighting your film and how to use lights effectively.
  The Gaffer’s Guide:
Gels and Diffusion
- Is. #28(03/08) -Learn the basics of gels and diffusion for lighting.
  The Gaffer's Guide: 
Lighting With No Budget
- Is. #24(10/07) -Learn tips to light on the most shoe string budgets.
  How to build a $30 'Graff'
- Is. #4 (01/06) -Learn to build a fluorescent-
based fill and background light.
  Learning to Light:
Distance Vs. Power
- Is. #12(09/06) -Learn the basics of economical lighting and distance
  Lighting Using Sunlight - Is. #26(12/07) -How to use natural lighting.
  Secrets of Professional Lighting: Mastering the Art of Lighting Faces - Is. #50(01/10) -Learn the basics of lighting faces using different angles and diffusions.
  The World's Best Lighting Technique: Things Learned from a Master of Low-Budget Lighting - Is. #48(11/09) -David Worth describes his lighting epiphany courtesy of Stanley Kubrick.

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