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Action Filmmaking: "Build a Better Gunfight" Series  
  Pt. #1: Ready to Aim - Is. #65(04/11) -An Introduction to Creating Micro-Budget Gunfights.
  Pt. #2: Load Your Gunny Sack - Is. #65(04/11) -The Bare Necessities of Low-Budget Gunfight Creation.
  Pt. #3: Choose Your Weapons - Is. #65(04/11) - Recommended Assets, Training, and Software.
  Pt. #4: Pick Your Ammo - Is. #65(04/11) - Mix and Match Stuff to Consider Getting For Your Gunfight..
  Pt. #5. Lock & Load - Is. #66(05/11) - Positions You Want To Try To Fill For Your Gunfight Film.
  Pt. #6. Casting Reapers - Is. #67(06/11) - The Deadly Audition Process for Choreographed Gun Fights.
Behind-The-Scenes Articles  
A Retrospective
- Is. #60(11/10) -Writer/Director Mike Flannigan takes you behind-the-scenes of his supernatural horror film.
On “Jack Pierce - The Man Behind the Monsters”
- Is. #45(08/09) -Scott Essman shows the difficulties of making a makeup-intensive low-budget film.
  Creating the look of MERRIme:
A Micro-Budget Web Series Shot with the RedOne
- Is. #43(06/09) -Daron Keet shows how he created the look of this micro-budget REDOne series.
  Glass Lenses at Night on
The Cat Hunter

- Is. #42(05/09) -Nils Myers shows how he made The Cat Hunter come to life.
  Making the web-series, Infamous - Is. #36(11/08) -Filmmaking with the Redrock M2 for the Web.
  Creating the film, Arizona Seaside - Is. #33(08/08) -Trade secrets for shooting in Hi-Def on low budgets.
  Making "The Fourth":
A Diary of a No-Budget 35mm Film Production
- Is. #26(12/07) -Jared Varava shows you creative ways he used to create a 35mm film for less than $20K.
  The Making of A Micro-Budget Film:
- Is. #9 (06/06) -Andrew Said Thomas walks us
through the pre-production process on his film, Bruised Sky
  The Quinkin Shoot:
Shooting a Film with Twin REDOnes for $4K
- Is. #54(05/10) -Mick Wannenmacher shows how he shot a genre film with 2 REDOnes on a micro-budget.
  Remains of Britain
- Is. #67(06/11) - The Next Step in the creation of World of Depleted's Forsaken .
  Shooting Collide with Adobe OnLocation CS3 - Is. #24(10/07) -A look at how OnLocation changes the workflow on a film.
  Shooting a Feature with the RED One:
A Producer's Experience
- Is. #29(04/08) -Kevin Desmond shows you an inside look at producing a feature with the RED One
  Shooting in 3D:
Filming Action and Martial Arts
- Is. #58(09/10) -A first person perspective of shooting low-budget digital 3D.
CoffeeTime Shorts Articles    
  CoffeeTime: A New Way of Looking at Shorts - Is. #35(10/08) -Steve Piper introduces the 1st in a series from Coffee Shorts.
  CoffeeTime: Thanks for Giving Shorts - Is. #36(11/08) -Steve Piper introduces the 2nd in a series from Coffee Shorts.
The Gift of Giving Shorts
- Is. #37(12/08) -Steve Piper introduces the 3rd in a series from Coffee Shorts.
Drinking In The New Year
- Is. #38(01/09) -Steve Piper introduces the 4th in a series from Coffee Shorts.
Groundhog Shorts
- Is. #39(02/09) -Steve Piper introduces the 5th in a series from Coffee Shorts.
  Coffee Time:
The Ides of Shorts
- Is. #40(03/09) -Steve Piper introduces the 6th in a series from Coffee Shorts.
  Coffee Time:
April Fool's Shorts
- Is. #41(04/09) -Steve Piper introduces the 6th in a series from Coffee Shorts.
  Coffee Time:
May Day Shorts
- Is. #42(05/09) -Steve Piper introduces the 7th in a series from Coffee Shorts.
Filmmaking Articles    
  Ask a Composer:
Microfilm Questions
- Is. #14(11/06) - Common questions about dealing with score composers
Logic or Lunacy?
- Is. #24(10/07) -A look at what to do and what not to do in co-directing films.
  Distribution Damnation: Independent Filmmakers vs. Polychrome - Is. #56(07/10) -Angelo Bell shows you a distribution disaster that you can learn how to spot and avoid.
  Film Flams & Scams - Is. #5 (02/06) -How to not get scammed in film
  Filmmaking 101: A No-Budget Filmmaking Primer - Is. #31(06/08) -Learn the absolute basics of filmmaking with no money.
  Getting Mentally Prepared To Make Your First Film - Is. #16(01/07) -How to get ready to make your first film.
  Hold the Guts: Bringing Back Suspense to Horror - Is. #50(01/10) -Learn the basics of creating suspenseful horror films.
  How We Critique Films... - Is. #4 (01/06) -What we look for in review films.
  Just 'Cause You Got Financing, Doesn’t Mean You’re Ready To Shoot! - Is. #46(09/09) -William Akers shows you the important things that you need to consider before making your film.
  Learning from The Big Boys:
A No-Budget Guide To Shooting Action Films
- Is. #46(09/09) -Jeremy Hanke shows the basics of making action films through insight into well-known films.
  The Lone Gun Manifesto: Cinema Unplugged - Is. #54(05/10) - Clive Davies Frayne shows an alternate filmmaking method.
  MicroFilm Masters Program:
UCF Integrates Entrepreneurial Business Skills Into Their Graduate Film Program
- Is. #57(08/10) - Sheri Candler looks at a new masters program that teaches low budget filmmaking as a profitable career.
  “My Actors Can Improv”
& 19 Other Fatal Lies for Microfilmmakers
- Is. #36(11/08 -Jeremy Hanke debunks myths that microfilmmakers tend to be prone to about filmmaking.
  The Power of Story:
Can films Change the World?
- Is. #44(07/09) -Catherine Ann Jones shows you the power of the story in film.
  Short Films for Pay:
Music Videos
- Is. #32(07/08) -Getting Into the Music Video Production Business
  Stepping Up To The Next Filmmaking Bracket:
RED One vs. 35mm film
- Is. #41(04/09) -Darron Keet shows the differences between traditional 35mm film and the new RED One
  Ten Helpful Production Tips for Filmmakers - Is. #31(06/08) -Cheap tips to help you create films more easily.
  Ten Ways To Lower Your Documentary Budget - Is. #30(05/08) -Ways to stretch your documentary budget dollars.
News: Festivals  
  2008 Los Angeles
Film Festival
- Is. #33(08/08) -Kevin Desmond goes behind the scenes in the LAFF!
  2008 AFI Show:
Hollywood Rolls Out The Red Carpet for Indywood
- Is. #38(01/09) -Kevin Desmond takes you to the American Film Institute show to see upcoming trensd in film.
  AFM Wrap:
A Good Time to be a Micro-Budget Filmmaker
- Is. #49(12/09) -Sheri Candler gives you an inside look at the 2009 American Film Market.
  Cannes 2010:
Reflecting from a Microbudget Perspective
- Is. #56(07/10) -Sheri Candler gives you an inside look at the 2010 Cannes festival and how it works for low budget.
  Fear & Loathing at the
Lake County Film Festival
- Is. #29(04/08) -David Grelck takes you on a tour of a modern low-budget festival.
  Rocking the 2009 LA Shorts Film Festival: Insights With Low-Budget Filmmakers - Is. #45(08/09) -Sheri Candler gives you an inside look at the 2009 LA Shorts Film Festival and interviews.
A Low-Budget Look at SlamDance 2008/2009
- Is. #39(02/09) -Michael Lawson shows you a behind-the-scenes look at low-budget films at Slamdance.
  Slamdance 2010:
Walking in an Independent Winter Wonderland
- Is. #52(03/10) -Travis Richardson looks at the low-budget side of Slamdance and Sundance NE><T.
News: Trade Shows    
  NAB 2008: A Lighting Perspective - Is. #30(05/08) -Jessica Creech looks at lighting innovations at NAB '08.
  NAB 2008:
An Audio Perspective
- Is. #30(05/08) -John Howard looks at audio innovations at NAB '08.
  NAB 2008:
An Editorial Overview
- Is. #30(05/08) -Jeremy Hanke looks at overall innovations at NAB '08.
  MicroFilmmakers' Guide to SIGGRAPH 2008 - Is. #34(09/08) - Mark Bremmer gives you an overview of SIGGRAPH 2008.
  Another View of 2008's
- Is. #34(09/08) - Michael Muwanguzi gives another perspective.
  An Overview of NAB 2009:
Best of NAB for Microfilmmakers
- Is. #42(05/09) -AJ Wedding looks at overall innovations at NAB '09.
  NAB 2009:
Another Perspective
- Is. #42(05/09) -Jessica Creech looks at other innovations at NAB '09.
  NAB 2010: A Look at the New Micro-Budget Toys - Is. #54(05/10) -AJ Wedding shows you the new low-budget gadgets at NAB 2010.
  NAB 2011: Dynamite In The Palm of your Hand - Is. #66(05/11) - AJ Wedding looks at the killer new gear.
Retrospective Articles    
  The Best Feature Films of Year One - Is. #13(13/06) -A look at the best films and what's happened to them.
  The Full Unveil of Some of our Top Shorts - Is. #26(12/07) -We showcase some of our top short films in their entirety.
  The Most Influential
Reviews of 2006
- Is. #15(12/06) -Seven products reviewed with the most impact potential.
Technology Articles  
  Upcoming Technology For Your Stocking: A MicroFilmmaker's Wish List - Is. #37(12/08) -AJ Wedding shows you the new technology that could change the face of filmmaking in '09.

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