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MicroFilmmaker Academy

Overview & Supplementary Materials
Invisible Block
  x. Introduction
  xx. Filmmaker Dictionary
  xxx. Filmmaking Griptionary

Unit 1 - Scriptwriting
Invisible Block

  1.1 Getting Started: Mentally Preparing To Make Your First Film
  1.2 Storytelling: Write What You Have
  1.3 Scriptwriting: Introductory Basics
  1.4 Making A Great Sreenplay: How to Survive The Quicksand That Is Independent Filmmaking!
  1.5 It's Not Finished Yet: The Eight Passes Before You're Done With Your Script
  1.6 Final Touches: 10 Things to Consider Before Sending Out Your Script
  1.7 Additional Resources

Unit 2 - Pre-Production Legal
Invisible Block

  2.1 Limiting Liability Before Setting Up a Production Company
  2.2 Additional Resources

Unit 3 - Auditioning Actors
Invisible Block


Attracting Good Actors on a Micro-Budget

  3.2 An Introduction to Auditioning
  3.3 How to Bring Out the Best In Talent During an Audition


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