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Issue #16 - From Financing to Directing - Date: 01/15/2007
  Editorial: Illegitimate Media
  Tips & Tricks: The Do's & Don'ts of Successfully Directing Actors
    Getting Mentally Prepared To Make Your First Film
    Interviewing Bill Gordon of Media Moghul on How to Raise Money For
    Your Next Film
  Reviews: Blue Snowball USB Microphone, Premiere Elements 3.0, The Short
    Screenplay, Total Training for Advanced Dreamweaver 8
  Critiques: Short: Fizzy Days, Short: Saul Goodman, Disturbing Images, Long Time
    Sunshine, The Sorority

Issue #17 - February/March Double Issue - Date: 02/15/2007
  Editorial: The Audience is Listening
  Tips & Tricks: A Conversation with Head Trauma's Lance Weiller
    Choosing Prop Guns for a Realistic Gun Fight
    Physical Effects: Creating Bullet Hits with Paintball Shots
    Fund-Raising For Your Micro-Budget Film
  Reviews: Alzo Clawball Fluid Pan Head Tripod, Cinescore, MusicBed DV,
    Special Effects: How to Create a Hollywood Film Look… ,
Sony Pictures Sound Effects 1-10
  Critiques: Big Fish in Middlesex, Caesar and Otto, Identity Burglars,
    Purgatory House, Short: Flip, Short: Hellraiser - Prophecy,
Short: Morbid Curiosity

Issue #18 - A Look at Self-Distribution - Date: 04/01/2007
  Editorial: Independent Planning
  Tips & Tricks: Conversing with CustomFlix's Co-Founder, Dana LoPiccolo-Giles
    Micro-Budget Animation in Freedom Dance
    Self Distribution: Abandon All Hope???
  Reviews: Digital Filmmaking 101, 2nd Ed., Episode/Episode Pro,
    Kata Camera Cases: Shell-03 & CC-193 Shoulder Case, Magic Bullet Colorista, MicroFollow Focus Whip, Vegas 7+DVD
  Critiques: The Midnight Special, Short: Bar Barons, Short: Dead Serious,
    Short: The Final Hour, Short: Wohlbehagen

Issue #19 - Short Film Expo - Date: 05/01/2007
  Editorial: The Quirks of Innovation
  Tips & Tricks: Shooting with the Redrock Micro M2 and HVX200 on "Illegal"
    Creating Dopplar Maps for Storm Movies in After Effects
  Reviews: Audio Postproduction for Digital Video, Smith-Victor's Economy Softbox
    KSB-1000 Lights, Gorilla 4, Steadybag, SteadyMove Pro, Tinderbox 1-4
  Critiques: Short: Brown Paper Bags, Short: Gracie: The Diary of a Coma Patient,
    Short: Memories Make Me…, Short: The Obscure Brother, Short: The Wine Bar

Issue #20 - Change is in the Wind - Date: 06/01/2007
  Editorial: The War of the Worlds
    Thoughts On The Lot
  Contests: Microfilmmaker Magazine/Adobe Spec Trailer Contest
  Tips & Tricks: Interviewing AD Lane About His Upcoming Indywood Project
    Finding & Editing Music for Film
  Reviews: The Art of Film Funding, Curtains for After Effects, Fast, Cheap, & Written
    That Way, LensPro III for After Effects, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.0,
Lightsnake XLR-to-USB Adapter, Producing 24P Video
  Critiques: Cracker Crazy, Dork of the Rings,, Short: America
    in Pictures, Short: The Realm of Never: Moratorium, Short: An Open Door

Issue #21 - Entering the Third Dimension - Date: 07/01/2007
  Editorial: The Fall and Rise of Jericho
  Contests: Microfilmmaker Magazine/Adobe Spec Trailer Contest
  Tips & Tricks: Posing with Poser 7: Crafting Realistic, Animated People with 3rd Party
  Reviews: Canon XH-A1, Photoshop CS3 Extended, Vue 6 Infinite, Poser 7,
    Sound Forge 9, Voice & Vision
  Critiques: Short: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Short: Bonnie & Clyde, End of the Line,
    Short: The Passing, Short: Who’s Ma Ma! Joe Ma Ma!, Tomorrow Mourning

Issue #22 - The Great Greenscreen Issue - Date: 08/01/2007
  Editorial: The Little Black Tape
  Contests: The :30 Animation Contest
    Microfilmmaker Magazine/Adobe International Spec Trailer Contest
  Tips & Tricks: Basics of Chromakey Production & Rules to Shoot By
    Build a $60 Portable Greenscreen
The Great Greenscreen Roundup

Posing with Poser 7: Animating the Realistic & Fantastic with 3rd Party Add-ons, Volume 2

Tips for Shooting Greenscreen with the DVX & HVX Cameras
Ultra CS3: Keying Basics
zMatte: Setting Up A Movie Key
  Reviews: Bluescreen Compositing, DVMatte Blast
  Critiques: 42 Story House, Beat The Air, When The Smoke Clears, Short: Cyn,
    Short: Heading Home

Issue #23 - The DIY Filmmaking Issue - Date: 09/01/2007
  Editorial: We Are Not Alone
  Contests: The :30 Animation Contest
  Tips & Tricks: Build a $10 PVC Fig Rig
    Create a Hollywood Style Gunshot Wound
How to Make a Rain Machine

No-Cook Edible Fake Blood for Mouth Wounds
A Tale of Two Platforms: Converting From FCP to Premiere Pro
  Reviews: Flash CS3, Lightwave 9.3, Pro Import AE 4.0
  Critiques: Have You Seen Mama’s Foot?, Short: Hotel Motel – Do Not Adjust Your
    Set, Short: Trigger Finger, Short: The Westsider, Short: Wormhole Chasers

Issue #24 - The Behind-The-Scenes Short Film Issue - Date: 10/01/2007
The Wounds of a Friend
Tips & Tricks:
Co-Directing: Logic or Lunacy?
Converting AVCHD with Pinnacle for Other Editing Programs
Build a Dead Guy for Horror Films
How To Build a Guerilla Drive-In
Lighting With No Budget
Spotlight on Spec Trailer Winner, John Moylan & The Mark
Shooting Collide with Adobe OnLocation CS3
After Effects CS3, CS3: Production Premium, Premiere Pro CS3, The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide, Trapcode 3S Pack
Ocatilla Flat, Short: Home Sweet Homeless, Short: Moonlight, Short: Opportunity

Issue #25 - The Great 3D & Effects Issue - Date: 11/01/2007
15 Minutes of Fame
Tips & Tricks:
Creating Special Effects with ParticleIllusion 3
The Great 3D Roundup, Round 1
Spotlight on :30 Animation Film Winner, Martin Moylan
Thinking Outside the Box to Distribute & Promote Your Film

Carrara 6 Pro, Go-HD Camera, iClone 2 Studio, ParticleIllusion 3.0.2,
Real 3D
A New and Accurate Map of the World, Short: Bicential Curious, Short: The Fourth, Short: The Shadow Effect

Issue #26 - Our Holiday Double Issue - Date: 12/15/2007
The Discipline of Filmmaking
Tips & Tricks:
The Full Unveil of Some of our Top Shorts
Limiting Liability Before Setting Up a Production Company
Legal Issues: What Can and Can't Be Visible on Set
Lighting Using Sunlight
Build Your Own Matte Box
Scriptwriting 101
"The Fourth": A Diary of a No-Budget 35mm Film Production

AlphaStar for After Effects, Anime Studio Pro 5, ARRI 300/650 Fresnel Combo Kit, Digital Filmmaking, K-Tek Avalon Traveler Boom Pole, K-Tek Shotgun Windscreen, The Pocket Lawyer for Filmmakers, ZBrush 3
Bad Spirits, Remote Control Grandpa, The Separation on State Street, Short: Soul Decision

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