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Product Companies:
If you are with a company who has a new or updated product for review, all reviews must be initiated with the editor-in-chief, Jeremy Hanke, regardless of which reviewer may have performed a past review. (As we know you would always prefer a reviewer who has the most experience with your product, we will do our best to connect you with your preferred reviewer whenever possible.) We will not be able to slate reviews for your products unless this requirement is followed.  [Editorial Note: If you are contacted by any writers attempting to initiate a review on MFM's behalf, please contact the editor immediately.]

If you are interested in submitting your film to us for critique, either in the rough state or the final state, please proceed to our Film Submission area.

If you are interested in writing a filmmaking article for MFM or submitting a tutorial, contact editor Jeremy Hanke directly.

World of Depleted Inquiries:
If you are trying to find out more about the international post-apocalyptic franchise MicroFilmmaker Magazine is helping spearhead for low-budget filmmakers and other creatives, you can go to the official World of Depleted website or you can email questions to: [email protected] .

Press & Advertising:
The following is applicable if you:

  1. Would like to inquire about purchasing advertising;
  2. Are interested in reprinting one of the articles or reviews found in our magazine; or
  3. Need a picture, link information, or site descriptions

Then please proceed to our Public Relations & Advertising area

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