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Audio & Sound  
  Audio 101
- Is. #40(03/09) -Intro to basic digital film audio.
  Audio 102: The Audience is Listening - Is. #65(04/11) - Capturing High Quality Audio on Micro-Budget Films
  Audio tips that every microfilmmaker must know! - Is. #2 (11/05) -Learn to avoid common pitfalls of audio in the no-budget world
  The Basics of ADR: Secrets
of Dialogue Replacement
for Video People
- Is. #15(12/06) -The secrets of ADR are delved into and explained for the visual people out there.
  The Basics of Audio for Film - Is. #5 (02/06) -Basic audio techniques for film
  Filmmaking for Writers #4:
Getting Good Sound
- Is. #51 (02/10) -The basics of audio along with a comparison of different mics.
  Finding and Editing Music for Film - Is. #20(06/07) -Find out what you need to know about getting music for film.

Get Looped!
ADR in Vegas

- Is. #11(08/06) -Learn to redub your film using Sony's Vegas
  How to build a Mic Shockmount, Take 1 - Is. #2 (11/05) -Learn how to make a mic shock mount using a pencil holder
  How to build a Mic Shockmount, Take 2 - Is. #2 (11/05) -Learn how to make a mic shock mount with PVC pipes
  How to Build a
Shotgun Mic Shockmount,
Take 3
- Is. #10(07/06) -Learn how to make the mic mount used with the Shotgun Mic Blimp and Boom Pole.
  How to Build a Shotgun
Mic Blimp
- Is. #8 (05/06) -Learn to build a wind-blocking
blimp for a shotgun mic
  How to Build a Shotgun Boom Pole - Is. #10(07/06) -Learn to build a collapsible graphite boom pole
  Why & How To Use a
Field Mixer
- Is. #31(06/08) -Get better audio with a field mixer in production.

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