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   Software Review
   Adobe Photoshop CS2
   Publisher: Adobe
   Genre: Photo Editing Software
   Platform: Windows & Mac

   MSRP: $649 ($149 upgrade)
   For Special Price: Click Here

   Download Demo : Click Here
   Release Dates: January 27, 2006

   Review Date:
April 15, 2006
   Reviewed By: Chris Treen
Final Score:

What can this humble reviewer possibly say to tout the accomplishments of a software package that has become the quintessential industry standard, bar-none? Adobe Photoshop CS2 follows suit to its predecessors in setting the standard as what is quite possibly the most versatile software package ever to cross user platforms.

I am an illustrator by day and ply my trade in the universe of vector-based artwork driven by logarithmic formulas created deep within the recesses of my CPU. This requires me to jump between vector and raster based editing programs frequently. What joy came to my illustrator fingertips as I discovered the Smart Objects functionality in CS2. Essentially Smart Objects are Photoshop's way of manipulating pre-existing vector drawings in a way that makes distortion-free scalability a breeze. Believe me it's pretty handy to be able to adjust sizing on the fly without jumping back and forth between Illustrator and Photoshop.

Quite possibly one of the most handy tools I have ever seen is the new transform function "Warp". This cool add-on allows the artist to take pre-existing artwork and "mold" it onto a surface. For anyone familiar with shape meshing, this tool will be a breeze. Now the artist can effortlessly apply decals, textures, text, or anything else to curved surfaces. Such envelope-based distortion capabilities should prove to be a great asset for any photo-editors or web artists out there!

Another nifty feature for Photoshop CS2 is the vanishing point filter. In a nutshell, Vanishing Point allows the artist to plot out a simulated 3d plane on which to paint. This plane behaves as a true 3d perspective view and adheres to whatever vanishing points the artist may specify.

CS2 now boasts improved Lens correction filters for all of you photographers out there who tire of laboring over lens-distorted photos. Additionally, there are now also one-click redeye reduction and the capability to simultaneously click and edit between layers independently of the layer palette. Another nice addition to CS2 is it's onboard GIF animation capabilities, a feature once relegated solely to ImageReady.

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