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Product Picture
   Software Review
   PulpFx Abstract
   Publisher: Aquafadas
   Platform: Mac Only
   Description: Image Transitions plug-in

   MSRP: $49

   Download Demo: Click Here
   Samples: Click Here
   Expected Release:Available Now
   Review Date: July 1, 2010
   Reviewed By: Mark Bremmer

Final Score:
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The new plug-in PuplFX Abstract by Aquafadas is a fantastic plug-in that has an awkward living space for microfilmmakers. Compact, well thought out and easy to use, this is one of those plug-ins that if your "day" job is dealing with any type of requirement demanding video slide shows, you'll buy Abstract for sure.

For microfilmmakers, the decision is less clear-cut and is totally dependent upon the nature of your work. If you are doing any kind of work that is futuristic or sci-fi oriented, there is a particular transition called Light Slice that will leave you scrambling for your wallet.

Ease of Use
Distributed through the outstanding plug-in management system from Noise Industries called FXFactory ( Abstract is about as straight forward to use as an editor could want. Well documented with video tutorials accessible from the plug-in interface, everything really self explanatory and a snap to pick. It's the best of Get It–Install It–Use It with no learning curve involved.

Of course one of the reasons Abstract is fall-down easy to use is because it's a one-trick-pony. It is only for doing motion transitions between static images and is not usable for rotoscoping or transitions between video clips. This is not a bad thing at all but it is rather limiting for the filmmaker.

This plug-in is a "generator", that is, it's not an effect you apply to your imagery but rather, you engage the generator and then select the necessary files and options and let it do its thing. Because it's a generator, the user is given a nice luxury; there is no calculation or tweening required of the editor. Simply select the images, the pre-roll, image and transition durations, and you're done. Then it's a simple mater of dragging out the item length to "see" the full generator in the timeline, showing all of the images in the selection queue.

For filmmakers, the hero of PulpFx Abstract will be the Light Slice transition series. Images are sampled based upon luminance and then separate motion/transition elements are layered into remarkable effects.

For Light Slice, there is a list of transition methods that are randomly engaged by the plug-in. However, users are free to select/deselect from the list at will.

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