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   Software Review
   Publisher: idustrial revolution/Noise Industries
   Platform: Mac Only
   Description: Particle Effects for use in Mac AE,
   FCP, and FCE.

   MSRP: $99

   Download Demo: Click Here
   Samples: Click Here
   Expected Release: Available Now
   Review Date: September 1, 2009
   Reviewed By: Mark Bremmer

Final Score:

Award of Superiority“Very tasty” is about the only way to describe the new ParticleMetrix plug-in by idustrial revolution. One of the latest additions to the FX Factory managed plug-in tool by Noise Industries, ParticleMetrix is a collection of customizable particle transitions for both text and imagery.

Worth noting, you can’t actually find this plug-in from the main site. You need to either go directly to or visit the Noise Industries site to find it

ParticleMetrix has two preset categories - Image and Text. While these are excellent for transitional wipes, they also have some special effects qualities that can part of a broader narrative. This progressive image uses the "Stars" particle effect.

Ease of Use
Chaos is easy. Control is not. While working with particles in a controlled fashion for both AE and FCP is not especially hard, controlling the particles isn’t necessarily easy either. Furthermore, tying in controllable transitions effects with particles takes more work still.

Enter ParticleMetrix (PM). To help get users started, there is a welcome collection of 33 text presets and 21 video imagery presets (not that you can’t mix and match) to help new users have a starting point and understand the plug-in. Like all plug-ins that are part of the FX Factory distribution tool, PM has the expected and useful collection of sliders, blend modes and numeric entry options depending on how you like to work.

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