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   Software Review
   DE: Noise
   Publisher: RE:Vision
   Platform: Windows & Mac
   Description: Film Look Plugin for multiple
   software packages

   MSRP: $149.95

   Samples: Click Here
   Expected Release: Available Now
   Review Date: March 1, 2009
   Reviewed By: A.J. Wedding

Final Score:

Award of SuperiorityAt one point or another, all of us have ended up with footage that didn't quite look right due to low lighting conditions, an accidental gain setting, or even just using HDV tape. Digital noise can be the most frustrating thing to try and band-aid in post. You almost always try to correct it by lessening contrast and focus...but good luck getting those shots to match up to your good footage! Luckily, there is a brand new magic wand to fix your DP's mistakes...DE: Noise.

DE: Noise is a fantastic plug-in for FCP, Premiere Pro, Motion, After Effects, Combustion or Boris Red. With all of the available plug-ins for these programs, it's tough to shell out the $150 bucks for a plugin that only does one thing...But I can easily say that this will be the best $150 you've ever spent. It's a lifesaver in the editing room.

Notice the digital noise, which is even worse in the moving image.

The DE: Noised image is much cleaner, even while in motion.

Ease of Use
Installing this plug-in is very simple, and using it is just as easy. Once it's installed, you can find it in your list of effects. Simply select DE: Noise and add it to your damaged or low-light footage. Without even adjusting any settings, you will immediately see a marked improvement.

Depth of Options
There are many adjustable settings for DE; Noise, allowing you to change the pattern or timing of the digital noise reduction. This becomes really helpful when you are trying to deal with varying conditions within your footage.

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