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Software Review: MotionPerfect, Pg. 2

And this is where things fall apart. Once the frames to be mended are selected, you hit start and… nothing happens. It looks like it’s rendering the video, but the video it outputs is the same as what you started with. Whether you have a jump-cut in your video or just a string of frozen frames, it doesn’t matter. Nothing changes in the footage that is output by MotionPerfect. If you click on the “Destination Video” window, it will load up the supposedly processed footage and let you remove frames, but I couldn’t really understand what the purpose of this was.

The mending interface, however, is nearly impossible to decipher, looking more like a game of Minesweeper than video mending software.

I’m not sure if this is a programming error, or simply a documentation problem. Regardless, I simply couldn’t figure out how to make this feature work, and there was no documentation whatsoever in the help file or on the website to clue me in. There is a very in-depth “tutorial” which basically goes through the underlying theory behind the frame mending, but never actually says how to make it happen within the program. The videos on the website highlight this feature almost exclusively, so I assume the people at Gooder got it to work, but how they did it is beyond me!

One more issue with this program: as with SteadyHand, there is no built-in editor, so there is no way to select a portion of a clip to process. You either process the whole file or nothing at all. So if you don’t want to be waiting around all day for unnecessary footage to finish rendering, you should probably first export only the clips you need processed out of your editing program.

You're supposed to be able to select the individual "gaps" in your footage and mend them together, as shown here. But this function never seems to work properly.

Depth of Options
Gooder markets MotionPerfect as having the following features:

  • Ability to create slow motion clips from slight time shifting to ultra-slow, barely moving clips.
  • Fast motion.
  • Shrink or fit clips to a specific time (i.e., input the length you want the video to be, and the software will adjust it accordingly).
  • Change the frame rate to PAL, Web (15fps), or any other custom frame rate, including 24fps for a film look.
  • Fill in missing frames. If you have a dropout or lost frames, or if your video runs at a slow frame rate (think security cameras), MotionPerfect will fill in the gaps with frames that are created to match the surrounding motion, resulting in a fluid full-motion clip.

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