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   Software Preview
   Frame Forge 3D Studio 2
   Publisher: Innoventive Software, Inc.
   Genre: 3D Storyboarding Software

   Release Date: January 15, 2005

   Demo Downloads: Click Here
   MSRP: $399.99


   Preview Date: December 15, 2005

   Previewed By: Chris Treen

FrameForge 3D Studio Version 2 is the newest offering from Innoventive Software's tools that will leave any storyboarding artist's mouth drooling. A powerful storyboarding program, FF3DS V.2 is an easy-to-learn software with loads of options and features for churning out high-quality storyboards in a relatively short amount of time. A wide variety of props and options lie within easy reach, and even the more complex features are only a mouse click or two away from the main interface. I was able to preview the beta version this week and I have to say that I was like a kid in a candy store.

This is a storyboarding program for filmmakers.

"Hey I have an idea, lets have an option to change film format, aspect ratio, and aperture settings". Well, it looks like the folks at Innoventive Software had the same line of thought; "Wouldn't it be nice to storyboard in the same style we'll be shooting? "

I was really able to appreciate the nuances of the program that allowed me to change f/stop settings and monkey with true depth of field. Yes, even the camera fans out there will have fun with the newly retooled interface. You can pan, truck, dolly, tilt, crane and zoom to your heart's content with FF3D's easy to learn, easy to use camera control interface. There is also an option to use a USB gamepad device for even smoother control, which is pretty sweet.

Unlike many other programs out there, FrameForge 3D Studio 2's objects come with pre-defined relationships already in place.. In layman's terms, this means if I wish to place a telephone on top of a desk I merely have to drag the phone from the library and position it near the surface of the desk where it will 'snap' in place. If I want actor "A" to reach for the door handle on Pickup Truck "X", it is merely an issue of selecting a pre-defined (or user defined) object relationship rather than fine tuning arm and hand positions. Believe me, this may seem like little more than a convenience, but when you factor in the hours your artist would spend mucking about with object positions, you will soon come to appreciate FF3DS2's array of object relationships that are available at the push of a button.

Concerned with set depiction? FF3D Studio 2 has an incredibly easy-to-learn room building module that uses a simple drag-and-drop method to quickly construct walls, doors and windows.. This newest version also has a number of pre-designed sets and backgrounds that people can use if customizable sets and backgrounds aren't a priority

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