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Issue #4 - Shorts, Cranes, & Effects - Date: 1/15/2006

The Ultimate Art Form

  Tips & Tricks: How we critique films...
    How to Build a $100 Crane
    How to build a $30 'Graff' Light
    Interview: Limbo's Thomas Ikimi
    Recording HDV to Hard Drive
  Reviews: Movie Magic Screenwriter, Film & Video Budgets 4, The Moral Premise,
    Broken: The DVD
  Critiques: A New Perspective, Smashing Stereotypes, Broken, Minos,
    The Jigsaw of Life

Issue #5 - Comics-to-Film Fusion - Date: 2/15/2006

A New Comic-Film Synergy

  Tips & Tricks: Film Flams & Scams
    Build a Gimble Steadycam
    Basics of Film Audio
    How to Make DV Look Like Film
  Contests: Do-It-Yourself Contest
  Reviews: Frame Forge 3D Studio 2, Gorilla 3, Sony Noise Reduction 2.0,
    Setting Up Your Scenes, Setting Up Your Shots
  Critiques: Livelihood, Pantomime, The Invisibles, The Wooden Gun,
    Everything Means Nothing

Issue #6 - Leaving Lost Vegas - Date: 3/15/2006

Changing Pace of "Film"

  Tips & Tricks: Vegas - Where Do I Start?
    Vegas for Final Cut Users
    Customizing Vegas
    Color Correcting Using Vegas
  Contests: Do-It-Yourself Contest

CrazyTalk Media Studio 4, Fast, Cheap, & Under Control, I'll Be In My Trailer,

    Magic Bullet Suite 2.0, Sony HVR-Z1U
  Critiques: Neck of da Woodz, Insane in the Brain, Suddha, Rough: Ethereal Plane,
    Short: Pardoned, Short: Skankobite

Issue #7- Premiers & Premieres - Date: 4/15/2006

The Stone Soup of Filmmaking

  Tips & Tricks:

Visionary Connections with Visionary Comics


Interview: Broken's Alex Ferrari

    Flyswatting: Using Masks in Final Cut Pro

Ultra Low Budget Special Effects


How to Format Between NTSC & Pal Using After Effects


February's Editor's Choice To Be Shown At Kentucky Theater


Adobe Production Suite Premium, Photoshop CS2, The $30 Film School,


Total Training for Adobe Premiere Pro 2

  Critiques: Funny Ha Ha, How to Disappear Completely, Short: .89¢,
    Short: Between You and Me, Short: Memories of Simulacra

Issue #8 - After NAB - Date: 5/15/2006

The Universal Critique

  Articles & Tips: NAB 2006 Recap
    How to Make Your Own Shotgun Mic Blimp
    Compressing Video for the Web with Premiere Pro 2
  News: Recap of May's Ultra-Indie Film Weekend
  What's Coming In June's Ultra-Indie FIlm Weekend...
  Reviews: Producing, Financing, and Distributing Film, Illustrator CS2, Sonicfire Pro 4,
    Total Training for Adobe After Effects 7 Pro: Pro Features
  Critiques: The Boy with a Thorn in His Side, The Changeling, Short: Oculus,
    Short: Peter's Price, Short: Televisual Man

Issue #9 - From Pre-Production to Distribution - Date: 6/15/2006

Reality TV & Filmmaking Lessons

  Articles & Tips: The Making of A Micro-Budget Film: Pre-Production
    Interviewing Visionaries
    Interview with Glen Cohen of ClickFlick Entertainment
  News: What's Coming In July's Ultra-Indie FIlm Weekend...
  Reviews: Serious Effects & Compositing: Advanced Techniques for After Effects 7,
    Adobe Photoshop CS2 One-Click Wow!, Screenwriting for Teens, SoundSoap Pro
  Critiques: CoSM: The Movie, Dead Time, Film 101, Short: Fish Eye, Short: 3,
    Rouch Cut: Making The Team

Issue #10 - Filmmaking's Past & Future - Date: 7/15/2006

iPods vs. the Theater

  Articles & Tips: Talking Shop with John Badham
    Creating Crowds: Special Effects with Craig Herron
    How to Build a Shotgun Shock Mount, Take 3
    How to Build a Shotgun Boom Pole
  Reviews: Independent Film Distribution, Macromedia Studio 8, Premiere Pro
    2 Hands-On Training, Total Training for Macromedia Dreamweaver 8,
    Total Training for Macromedia Flash Pro 8
  Critiques: Bleeding Rose, Pleasures of the Damned, Under Surveillance,
    Short: The Beautiful Lie, Short: Hubris

Issue #11 - The Magic of Special Effects - Date: 8/15/2006

The Magic of Special Effects

  Articles & Tips: Get Looped! ADR in Vegas
    Interview with The $30 Film School's Michael W. Dean
    Interviewing the 48 Hour Film Festival's Sheila Berman
    Scopes & Color Wheels in Vegas
  News: What's Coming In September's Ultra-Indie FIlm Weekend...
  Reviews: Panasonic AG-HVX200, The Power of Film, Redrock Micro M2,
    VisionLab Studio
  Critiques: 20,000 Little Reasons, D.I.Y. or Die, Jatra Jeevan Jeevan Yatra,
    The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah, Short: Desert Story

Issue #12 - Altering Your Perspective -Date: 9/15/2006

Waiting on the World to Change

  Articles & Tips: Day for Night: When You Can't Shoot at Night
    How to Shoot Your Film for Editing
    Ghost Machine: Creating Supernatural Spectres
    Learning to Light: Distance Vs. Power
    Shattering Brick Backgrounds
  Reviews: iClone 1.5, MacDrive 6, Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds
  Critiques: 90 Days Visa, Dogstar, Drop Box, Short: Airport 9/11

Issue #13 - A New Year -Date: 10/15/2006

Year One:Thoughts

  Articles & Tips: The Best Feature Films of Year One
    The Complete Filmmaker's Dictionary
    Creating Automatic Weapon Muzzle Flashes in EffectsLab
    Creating Realistic Fires in EffectsLab & VisionLab Studio
    Fixing Poor Greenscreens in CompositeLab
  Reviews: Creative Background Design for After Effects, EffectsLab Pro,
    Redrock Micro FollowFocus
  Critiques: Welcome Says The Angel, Short: Cracked, Short: Following Abraham,
    Short: The Wanderer, Rough Short: Valle de Lágrimas, Flashback:
Purple Pastures

Issue #14 - Super Trailers & Shake Firepower - Date: 11/15/2006

The Winds of Change

  Articles & Tips: Getting Great Prices on Cameras Without Getting Fleeced
    Ask a Composer: Microfilm Questions
    Creating Broken's Authentic Muzzle Fire with Apple Shake
    How to Edit a Trailer That Will Get Your Film Noticed
  Reviews: The 30 Second Storyteller, InstantHD, Knoll Light Factory Pro 2.5
  Critiques: El Reporte, Infidel, Rough: When the Smoke Clears, Short: Girl with
    Gun, Short: Race Memory

Issue #15 - Cleverness & ADR - Date: 12/15/2006

Power of the Cleverness Factor

  Articles & Tips: The Most Influential Reviews of 2006
    The Basics of ADR: Secrets of Dialogue Replacement for Video People
    Scott Spears Presents... Indie Tips: Slating
  Reviews: GridIron Nucleo Pro, Total Training for Final Cut Pro 5: The Essentials,
    Trapcode Particular 1.5
  Critiques: Even Steven, Special Critique: Gamers, The Ghosts of Hamilton Street,
    The Girl, Tan Man

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